City to restore Maltsev Family’s Residence on Bolshaya Yakimanka Street

January 21

Located at 5 Bolshaya Yakimanka Street, Bldg.1 in central Moscow, the three-story 19th century mansion, is to be restored. The Department of Cultural Heritage has issued an official permit allowing the renovation of the Maltsev Family’s Residence, which is a newly-registered cultural landmark. Specialists are to start restoring the building soon but in the meantime, workers have been removing debris from the mansion and installing scaffolding for the restorers’ work.

“The long-awaited restoration of the Maltsev Family’s Residence is beginning. The rundown mansion has been disconnected from the utility grid and is in a poor state of repair. Restorers will have to recreate its historical façades and interiors. We will monitor all the work,” said Alexei Yemelyanov, Head of Moscow’s Department of Cultural Heritage.

First, the façades will be reinstated. The old cracked coating will be removed from the walls, which will be covered with new plasterwork. The 19th century plaster décor will be restored using archive documents and surviving samples. Smooth surfaces will be painted grey-blue and the architectural-plasterwork décor will receive a whitish tinge. If necessary, specialists will reinforce the main façade’s white-stone socle and cover it with a water-repellent coating.

Specialists will reinstate a window on the side of the mansion facing the courtyard. A staircase leading to the basement will also be restored. The windows and doors will be repaired, and two glass-pane entrance doors will be recreated using similar historical samples.

The mansion’s roof will be replaced completely. Windows with arched openings will be installed on roof slopes. Imitation brick chimneys with smoke exhausters will also be built (but no stove heating is intended for the house).

Ground-floor interiors will be restored using 1900 archive plans. Imitation stoves, as well as specially shaped ceiling cornices, doors and jambs, will be reinstated. A plank floor will be installed in the house  with a frieze matching a surviving historical sample. The dilapidated wooden floors, ceilings and rafters will be totally replaced. However, the new structures will feature the same varieties of timber. The two rundown inter-floor staircases are to be replaced with structures having the same materials and configuration. Stone landings and steps will be installed, and missing railings will be recreated based on similar historical versions. If necessary, workers will renovate stone sections of the mansion’s vaulted ceilings.

The restoration project is to be completed in two years. It will be possible to use the mansion after its façade and interiors are restored.

The Maltsev family’s Moscow property was first mentioned in 1817.  At that time, Major Second Class Foma Maltsev owned the plot of land and the two-story house on Bolshaya Yakimanka Street. In 1822, Ivan Maltsev, the son of Foma Maltsev, sold the property. That same year, the mansion, now located at 5 Bolshaya Yakimanka Street, Bldg.1was registered as a three-story structure and looked just like it does today.

Throughout its 200-year-plus history, the house has seen many owners but it is named after its first proprietor. All the new owners made unique additions; they renovated the façades’ décor, built extensions and installed a balcony. In due time, the mansion acquired an Eclectic architectural style. The mansion’s layout did not change following the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917, and the main building housed shared flats, each accommodating several families. 


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