City to complete Big Circle Line by late 2022

February 4

There are plans to complete the metro’s Big Circle Line by late 2022, said Andrei Bockaryov, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Urban Development and Construction.

“We are now working on all the sections of the Big Circle Line, and we have to accomplish a difficult job and build it as fast as possible. We are planning to launch trains on the Big Circle Line almost 12 months earlier than expected, in 2022,” he noted.

Workers are now completing the line’s tunnels and the stations’ structures.

The Big Circle Line will become the longest metro circle line in the world. The 70-kilometre line will have 31 stations and passengers will be able to change to radial metro lines, the MCC, the MCD and radial railway lines.

The Big Circle Line will link existing and future radial metro lines, located up to ten kilometres from the First Circle Line. This will help reduce congestion in central Moscow.

Passengers are already making use of ten of the stations on the new metro line. The  first section with the Delovoi Tsentr, Shelepikha, Khoroshovskaya, CSKA and Petrovsky Park stations started operating in February 2018. In late 2018, the city opened the Savyolovskaya station. The Lefortovo, Aviamotornaya and Nizhegorodskaya stations started receiving passengers in March 2020, and the Elektrozavodskya station opened in December 2020.

In the past few years, workers have made substantial progress, while building the Big Circle Line, and their achievements will make it possible to open 11 stations, including Karamyshevskaya, Mnyovniki, Terekhovo, Kuntsevskaya, Davydkovo, Aminyevskaya, Michurinsky Prospekt, Novatorskaya, Prospekt Vernadskogo, Kaluzhskaya (Vorontsovskaya) and Zyuzino, in the line’s western, southwestern and southern sections.

Over the past ten years the city has been used to building metro lines at a breathtaking pace. Since 2011, 305 kilometres of metro lines, 148 stations, three additional metro hallways, the MCC and MCD routes, as well as ten electric train maintenance facilities, have started operating. The metro system has almost doubled in size. In 2018, metro builders set an absolute record in the history of the Moscow Metro and opened 17 new stations and about 33 kilometres of metro lines.


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