City senior citizens get 20 tonnes of food delivered by volunteers

May 12
Social sector

People in Moscow  aged 65 plus and those suffering with chronic diseases have been in self-isolation since 26 March and volunteers have been getting and bringing food and medicine to them and helping in other ways. They have already delivered over 20 tonnes of food.

All in all, 1,200 people from the My Career centre’s volunteer staff have dealt with over 18,000 applications, including 5,500 on delivery of food and essential goods, since they started working.

Such a person called asocial volunteer is not expected to carry more than four kg of food at once. Most requests are standard: milk, bread, potatoes, cottage cheese, meat and apples. The senior citizens often even write what they want to cook when they are filling out their applications: for example, they ask for the ingredients for borsch or cabbage pies.

“Most of all I remember the day when among our daily requests there was an application from an elderly lady saying it was her 82nd birthday. We decided to organise a real event for her. We skillfully and responsibly got down to the job at hand. We bought food but also made up a poem with best wishes and prepared a present. The birthday lady was surprised and moved. She smiled and thanked us many times,” says Alexandra Kuznetsova, team leader of volunteers in Vostochnoye Degunino.

If you require the help of social volunteers during self-isolation please contact the Moscow hotline: +7 495 870 4509 (daily from 8 am to 9 pm). Social assistants and volunteers will help purchase and deliver medicine, food, essential goods, walk your pets and deliver solid fuel for residential and garden homeswithout central heating in Moscow and the Moscow Region.


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