Circle of Light festival attended by more than three million people

October 5, 2019

More than three million people attended the 9th Moscow Circle of Light International Festival on 20-24 September, as reported by Deputy Moscow Mayor for Regional Security and Information Policy Alexander Gorbenko at a meeting of the Moscow Government Presidium.

The Circle of Light was held in Moscow at nine city venues — Grebnoi Canal, Teatralnaya Square, the Victory Museum on Poklonnaya Gora, Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve, Ostankino Park, Arbat Hall, Digital October Centre, Polytechnic Museum and Akademika Sakharova Prospekt.

The festival traditionally included Art Vision, the international video mapping and VJ competition in Classic, Modern and VJ categories.

Multimedia musicals and light shows

At the festival's opening ceremony on 20 September on Grebnoi Canal, the audience watched the multimedia musical 'Seven Notes', with re-runs on 21 and 22 September.

A special structure covering over 1,000 sq m was erected over Grebnoi Canal to connect two banks and serve as a screen for video projection. It was also used for fire and light effects. More than 40 video projectors were used to create the image.

Video mapping was supported by fire burners, light and music fountains, video and laser projections on water fan screens. The total area of floating structures exceeded 6,000 sq m, with more than 100 burners and 200 fountains mounted.

After the show, the audience enjoyed musical fireworks.

On the festival's closing day, 24 September, the guests watched the 'Unity Code' light show, and had a chance to become participants of the performance, as those interested could send their children's photos to the festival organisers to be further screened during the show. The closing ceremony of the festival concluded with musical high-rise fireworks.

In just four days, Grebnoi Canal saw 30,000 fireworks, including unique charges up to 400 mm.

Teatralnaya Square offered video mapping shows. The Bolshoi, Maly and Russian Academic Youth Theatre building facades served as a screen for a 270-degree panoramic light projection. The light shows were dedicated to the Year of Theatre in Russia.

Geometry of Light and Fairy Tale Park

Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve has finally secured its status of a family festival site, developing its Fairy Tale Park launched as part of past festivals. Fairy tale animals and other characters of favourite children's books welcomed its visitors. On 22 September, Kolomenskoye hosted a concert by People's Artist of Russia Dmitry Malikov.

Ostankino Park had a route with unique technological installations and video projections on special structures, including a 3D sphere in the centre of the pond. The creative concept of the site design was called a 'Geometry of Light'.

For the first time in the history of the festival, the northern facade of the renovated Polytechnic Museum was animated due to two video mapping shows projected, telling about the history of the Polytechnic University and technological advances.

For the first time, a complex of buildings on Akademika Sakharova Prospekt was included in the festival's program. For four days, 20, 22, 23 and 24 September, the audience enjoyed a laser show, 'At the Speed of Light' performance and VJing to music hits.

Lectures, discussions and Art Vision competition

Traditionally, the festival's educational program took place at the Digital October Centre, offering 25 lectures, presentations and panel discussions, as well as six workshops.

In 2019, the Art Vision international contest received 129 applications from 35 countries, with Morocco and Montenegro participating for the first time. The jury shortlisted 36 works from 19 countries.

The Classic category winner was the team from Germany (Resorb), China (Skgmedia) was the second, with Russia (Screen Blasters) being third. Participants from China (Skgmedia and Sam, respectively) won the first and second prizes in the Modern category, with the Indonesian team (Furyco) placed third.

The VJing category had the winners as follows: first place — Ari Dykier (Poland); second place — VJ Eletroiman / Darklight Studio (Spain/Brazil); third place — Vj Eps (Russia).


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