'Circle' and 'Harmony with Diagonals': Moscow to be decorated with the Flower Jam finalists' designs

June 18

17 through 19 June, Moscow is to have five summer gardens mounted after the projects of the Flower Jam’s, an open international urban landscape design competition, finalists. Designers from Italy, China, Uruguay and Finland will arrive in Moscow, and citizens will have an opportunity to talk to them at all venues.

On June 18, Muscovites may watch the installation of the Circle Garden on Krasnaya Presnya. Its author is a well-known Italian designer Lorenza Bartolazzi. The garden features an enclosed space with rare herbaceous perennials, shrubs and burgundy-colour trees planted and a long round bench along the perimeter.

On 17 and 18 June, Maggie Wu from China and Alejandro O'Neil from Uruguay will create an Amazing Garden in the Museon Arts Park. It is going to be a maze leading right to the heart of the garden. It will have Mediterranean plants and a gold fabric dome.

On 18 and 19 June, the Topographic Floral Stories project is to be implemented in the Museon. Its author is Kairi Meos from Finland. The project is focused on landscape variability,  so the garden looks different depending on the weather, time of the day and lighting. Besides, it will have a decorative panel symbolising the line between wildlife and urbanism.

Location near 7 Rozhdestvenka Street will house a Harmony with Diagonals Garden  conceived by Heidi Hannus from Finland. She designed the garden as a map with its lines leading to certain directions. On 18 and 19 June, you may watch it being installed.

On 19 and 20 June, VDNKh will have Universal Rhythm Garden project by Adele Sironi from Italy mounted. It consists of various-sized modular designs featuring simple geometric shapes. Adele Sironi was inspired by the orthogonal geometry of Piet Mondrian's paintings. The colour scheme includes yellow, blue and red.

Works by the Flower Jam project's finalists

Source: mos.ru

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