Chronicles of the Victory: photo exhibitions to the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow opened in the city’s boulevards and parks

December 6, 2021

Several photo exhibitions opened in the capital, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Soviet counteroffensive in the Battle of Moscow. They are located in the parks and on the city boulevards.

"Several street exhibitions opened in the capital to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow. You can see rare archival pictures until 20 December in Krasnaya Presnya and Fili parks, as well as in Tagansky Park and in Nikitsky Boulevard. One more exhibition will be on display in Strastnoy Boulevard. It will last from 5 December to 10 January", said Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow.

For example. photographs in Nikitsky Boulevard depict the oath taking ceremony next to the Kremlin walls and the construction of barriers or the working process at defense enterprises, and the installation of antitank barrier hedgehogs. The photographs also show the parade of military vehicles and infantry crossing the Red Square on 7 November 1941.

The exhibit in Fili Park includes reportage footage taken by front-line correspondents, and Tagansky Park displays unique photographs of the militia's formation in Moscow.

"Our fathers and grandfathers showed the enemy in the battles of Moscow in 1941 that the Soviet people could not be defeated. It was important to prepare such exhibitions and display the feat of Muscovites and Soviet soldiers during the war", said Ekaterina Dragunova, chairman of the Moscow Committee of Public Relations and Youth Policy.

The Battle of Moscow was one of the most important battles of the Great Patriotic War. It lasted about seven months — from 30 September 1941 to 20 April 1942. The turning point for the city and country was on 5 December 1941, when the Soviet troops launched the counteroffensive.


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