Chronic Disease Centre to open in Skolkovo medical cluster

January 26

Israel’s Hadassah Medical Centre is going to open a chronic disease department at the Moscow International Medical Cluster (MIMC) in Skolkovo, Deputy Mayor of Moscow on urban planning and construction Andrei Bochkaryov said when speaking about the cluster’s development plans.

“It is an important sphere of medicine. We have been working together with our colleagues in the public health sector, international colleagues and the federal authorities to implement this very interesting and ambitious project,” he enthused.

The Hadassah Medical Centre is the Moscow International Medical Cluster’s primary partner. The diagnostic section is already up and running, and the therapeutic wing, which is to start working this year, will chiefly be concerned with treating cancer patients using the latest radiotracer imaging methods. Several leading foreign hospitals have joined the MIMC project.

The establishment of a 20,000 square metre chronic disease centre will be the third stage in the development of the Hadassah Medical Moscow subsidiary. It’s expected to open in 2023.

“I have no doubt whatsoever that this project will be perfect in terms of technology and equipment, primarily when it comes to novel technology and new departments,” Andrei Bochkaryov added.

The centre will have seven departments: an intensive care ward, a hospice, convalescent facilities, an in-patient geriatric rehabilitation unit, complex nursing care wards (palliative), plus places for bedridden senior citizens suffering from chronic diseases and those who are elderly but not bedridden with cognitive impairments (dementia, Alzheimer’s disease).

The new establishment will have 211 medical professionals, including foreign specialists. Designers are working on special apartment-type hospital rooms where relatives or special nurses would live together with a patient. The centre’s nurses and attendants must have Hadassah School of Nursing certificates.

17,000 patients will be treated every year at the Chronic Disease Centre, the majority of them aged 60 plus. It will fully meet the palliative and geriatric care requirements of Moscow and the Moscow Region.


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