Christmas tree bazaars to work until 31 December

December 24, 2021
Social sector

There are 238 Christmas tree bazaars in Moscow, where citizens can purchase domestic and imported coniferous trees. Spruce trees from Perm krai, Penza region, pines from Ulyanovsk and Saratov regions, as well as trees from Denmark came to Moscow. In addition, here you can buy fir, spruce branches and even seedlings of coniferous trees for a summer cottage. The Christmas tree bazaars will be open until 31 December.

“Starting today, Christmas tree bazaars operate in Moscow. There will be about 240 of them in total. There are, of course, the leaders among the districts — in the west there will be the most of them. I hope that enough trees were supplied and everyone who wants to put a live beauty at home before the New Year will be able to do it," Alexei Nemeryuk, the Minister of the Moscow Government, First Deputy Head of the Mayor and Moscow Government Administration, Head of the Department of Trade and Services, said.

The average cost of domestic spruce will be from one thousand to 1100 rubles per run meter, imported — 3500–3900 rubles per run meter, and pine — about 1200–1400 rubles per run meter. The cost of a bouquet of branches is from 100 rubles.

Real Christmas tree bazaars are necessarily fenced, illuminated and colorfully decorated. The design has been used since 2015 and is recognizable by Muscovites. In addition, for visitors, the sign must indicate the legal address of the organization, information on the operating hours, price list and telephones of state control and supervision bodies (councils of the Moscow district, the prefecture of the administrative district of Moscow, the Office of Rospotrebnadzor in the city of Moscow). It should be convenient for buyers to inspect Christmas trees and pines and pay for the purchase. Also, the point of sale should have a book of reviews and suggestions, a measuring ruler, packaging material and fire extinguishers. Sellers are required to maintain cleanliness and order throughout the business day.

At the Christmas tree bazaars, it possible to sell spruce and pine branches, Christmas tree decorations, electric garlands and tree stands. For the sale of unauthorized goods, the owner faces a fine: from 2.5 thousand rubles — for physical person, up to 200 thousand rubles — for legal entities, and even higher for repeated violations.

Muscovites can also order live spruce or pine online using such resources as,, Eurotree Delivery,,, as well as on the websites of chain stores.

At Christmas tree bazaars, sanitary and epidemiological requirements must be observed, including wearing masks and gloves.

After the holidays, Muscovites will be able to hand over the New Year tree to the Yolochny krugovorot collection points — more than 530 of them will appear in different districts of the city. Muscovites can hand over the trees from 2 January to 20 February 2022. The trees will be proceeded to chips, which are then used for bedding in animal enclosures and for ecotrails creating.


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