Chekhov House memorial museum on Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street to be restored

December 8, 2020
Construction and renovation

The famous house resembling a chest of drawers, in which writer Anton Chekhov lived between 1886 and 1890, is to be restored by the end of 2021.   The building in Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street (No. 6, Building 2) will regain its historic appearance, said Head of Moscow's Department of Cultural Heritage Alexei Yemelyanov.

“Specialists will restore the facades, including the cornices and architraves. Inside the house, the wall surfaces will be covered with wallpaper based on Chekhov's drawings from 1889, the fireplaces on the ground and first floor and the white stone staircase leading to the first floor will be restored too,” he said.

In addition, builders will repair the roof and replace the drainpipes, external sills, windows and doors.  They will also insert a window that had been closed off on the eastern facade of the second floor.

Today the building has the status of a cultural heritage site of federal significance. It is the first museum in Moscow in tribute to the writer. The Chekhovs rented the two-storey stone wing, built in 1874, from famous doctor Yakov Korneyev. Here Chekhov wrote his plays “Ivanov,” “The Bear” and “A Marriage Proposal,” novella “The Steppe” and stories “A Dreary Story,” “Happiness” and others.

Anton Chekhov called the house a chest of drawers and said that the years he lived in it were some of the happiest in his life.

The building was designed by architect Vasily Afanasyev. Both floors were meant for one flat but during the construction process the project underwent certain  changes.  The width of the walls was increased from 6.3 to  8.4 metres, and the length was reduced from 21 to 14.7 metres. The rectangular bay-windows on the main facade were replaced with trapezoidal ones. On the southern facade, the bay window was made only on the second floor, with the porch of the main entrance below. The difference from the original design was also in the positioning of the corridor along the northern wall and a new arrangement of windows on the southern courtyard facade.Specialists will restore the facades and the interiors, as well as repair the roof and replace the drainpipes. 


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