Changes to big rose garden in Sokolniki Park

March 24
Parks and pedestrian areas

Comprehensive landscaping of the big rose garden in Sokolniki Park will be completed by the summer season. It will have 36 new varieties of roses, including Vivaldi, Queen Elizabeth tea roses and others. More than 4,000 flowering shrubs will be planted in the big rose garden to complement the existing landscape. Trees, shrubs and flowers will have description signs.

The central rose garden walkway will have red paving stones, with paths covered with fine red gravel. There will be comfortable benches with armrests, trellises for climbing plants, decorative white arches and openwork gazebos mounted around. Also, the garden will have a swing and a wedding pavilion to hold festive ceremonies from May till September.

Now, the fountain is being repaired and the bronze sculptures 'Girl with a Jug' and 'Girl with a Bowl' are being recreated. These figures decorated the rose garden's fountain since 1960, but have been lost over time. The statues are recreated according to archive photos of Sokolniki Park, since the author's name is unknown, and the original sketches have not survived.

Additionally, the upgraded rose garden will have a 'Childhood' paired sculpture composition made of two small figures — a bronze boy on a pedestal playing a violin, and two dancing girls. Sculptures will be set up on both sides of the central walkway. Bronze statues of a fairy and a chimera, as well as a small monument 'Children Reading Books', which had decorated the rose garden before it was closed for reconstruction, will be cleaned of dirt.

Besides, the area of the artificial pond will be expanded, with a decorative bridge mounted next to it. Specialists will repair artificial fog systems that maintain proper microclimate for plants. A heated greenhouse will be constructed next to the Park Administration's building. In winter, gardeners will grow exotic plants to display them in summer in the rose garden. In the evening, all decorative objects and some trees will be illuminated by lamps.

The big rose garden in Sokolniki Park was laid out in 1957 on the occasion of the 6th World Youth and Student Festival. Its author, stage designer Anna Shukshina, conceived it as a garden of continuously flowering plants. It had more than 100 varieties of roses planted, including Gloria, Iceberg, Queen Elizabeth and others. There were also plants brought from North America, Siberia, Altai, the Caucasus, Crimea, China, the Far East and Japan. So, from May till October, the rose garden bloomed with tulips, peonies, lilac, mock orange, hydrangea, phloxes and other flowers. Visitors could also admire a unique topiary garden made of white-cedar varieties. The big rose garden was closed in April 2019 for renovation.


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