'Champion's Lesson': renowned athletes give classes for schoolchildren

November 1, 2019

'Champion's Lesson' educational project launched in Moscow schools. In November and December, children are in for master classes in basketball, handball and futsal by Olympic champion Denis Krivoshlykov, European Champion Oksana Rakhmatulina, IBA basketball player Nikita Barinov and Russian national futsal team player Rômulo Alves Nobre.

Olympic Champions, winners of the world, European and Russian tournaments, will tell their success stories, how sport has become a part of their lives. Lesson can have different formats, including conversations, master classes or training sessions. Students can get an autograph, ask questions and take a picture with their favourite athletes.

The project is organised by the Patriotic Education and School Sports Centre. 

'This project aims to give each child an opportunity to get engaged in celebration of the Russian athletes' victories, to feel joy and pride for Russia, wishing to be like great athletes,' said Olga Yaroslavskaya, the Centre's Director.

The lessons will be running October 2019 till April 2020.

Find details about the project in the News on the official website of the Patriotic Education and School Sports Centre. Any school can submit an online application for the project.

Source: mos.ru

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