Century-old pines and “Naughty squirrels”: top-8 bike routes in natural areas

July 2
Parks and pedestrian areas

There are 12 bicycle routes with a total length of almost 70 km on the natural territories of Moscow. These are both bicycle paths with asphalt covering and ordinary forest paths. Moscow environment protection service (Mospriroda) specialists have chosen eight best routes through the natural territories of the city.

Everyone can take a ride along the picturesque routes at any convenient time. For this purpose, maps and descriptions have been developed that help you to navigate and arrange an exciting journey for yourself. In natural parks, you can not only ride in the fresh air with profit to your health, but also see landscapes, rare plants, listen to the singing of red-book birds.

Each bicycle route has its own interesting features. The tracks are suitable for both enthusiastic athletes and novice bicyclers. You can choose a route based on your own preferences, but it is necessary to observe protective measures against COVID on each route.

Aromas of the World in the Biryulevo arboretum

In the Biryulevo Arboretum, you can ride a bicycle past the sakura grove, spruce, birch and maple alleys, enjoy the aromas of flowering herbs and shrubs brought from all over the world. The length of the route is 2.8 kilometers.

Photo by Yulia Ivanko, Mos.ru

Konkovsky Creek in the Bitsevsky Forest - a natural-historical park

This route starts from the intersection of Sevastopolsky Prospekt with Miklukho-Maklaya Street and leads to the Chertanovo Severnoye microdistrict. Part of the bike path has special mixture covering , some sections have an asphalt covering. From Sevastopolsky Prospekt, the route passes through the dry meadow, from the southern side of which there is a view of the Konkovsky Stream. White willow, brittle willow and alder grow on its banks. Then the path goes into the forest, where it is framed by pines, oaks and birches. Length: three kilometers.

Bitsa River Valley in the Bitsa recreation area

A bicycle route with a length of one kilometer runs through the territory of the Bitsa recreation area (the 36th kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road, the suburb side). The asphalt paths of the route pass through the forest, where pine trees, oaks, linden, maple and old spruce trees grow.

Photo by Yevgeny Samarin, Press Service of the Mayor and Moscow Government

Kuzminki-Lublino Natural-Historical Park

The bike trail passes through a unique natural-historical site. You can get from one part of the park to another by bicycle, getting acquainted with many unique objects along the way. The route is popular with cycling enthusiasts of all ages. Its length is 3,1 km.

Dolgiye Prudy (Long Ponds) Faunistic Reserve

Going to this small park, you can get acquainted with the diversity of nature and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. The entrance to the nature reserve, which is planning to be created, is located next to the public transport stop Dolgiye Prudy Park on Akademika Flerova Street. Length 1.4 km.

Ponds in Izmailovo Park

A circular bicycle route with a length of 7 km passes through the picturesque places of the Izmailovo Natural and historical Park. Asphalt bicycle paths lead through the thuja alley, reflection basins, Serebryanka River, Red Pond, Tsarskaya Apiary ecocenter, Lebedyansky Pond, Prosyanskaya dam, birch grove, Lipitinsky and Kosinsky streams.

Century-old pines in the Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo park

The Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo natural-historical park is notable for its century-old pine trees and cascades of ponds on the Chernushka River. A bicycle ride will allow you to relax from the city noise and listen to the sounds of nature. Length 3.1 km.

“Naughty Squirrels” in the natural territories of Troparevo and Teply Stan

The bicycle trail starts from the entrance to the Troparevo recreation area, leads to Akademika Bakuleva Street, curving the Ochakovka River, and runs along Ostrovityanov Street. The final point of the route is house 16, building 3 on Ostrovityanov Street. The bicycle paths are covered with a sand-gravel mixture. On the way, bicycler can meet squirrels and other inhabitants of the greenspace. Length 4.2 km.

Cycling is very popular among the residents of the city. 3.5 million Muscovites regularly use bicycles. There are more than 296 km of bicycle paths and bicycle lanes in Moscow (900 kilometers together with dedicated lanes). Cycling improves the environment, because choosing this type of transport allows you to reduce emissions into the atmosphere by 2.6 times.

Source: mos.ru

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