Car sharing, masks and permits: New measures to counter the spread of the coronavirus

May 25
City administration

Sergei Sobyanin amended his decrees on the procedure for issuing digital permits.

“Diagnosed cases of the coronavirus has started to decline and the number of people leaving hospital after getting better now exceeds the number of new cases being taken to hospital. I think under such conditions we can continue to gradually open up the economy and city organisations can start working again,” wrote the Mayor in his blog.

More accessible transport

As of 25 May car sharing services will be resumed for a period of five days. However, those wishing to rent a car will need to carry a digital permit.

“Seeing that short-term rental for one or two trips is not possible, long-term rental may be an option for the operators. Actually, this could go down quite well with the city dwellers,” pointed out Sergei Sobyanin.

Meanwhile the owners of the rental companies should inspect the permits of the drivers and give advice on the city’s Single Regional Navigation and Information System. They should also disinfect the car before handing it over to the client.

Digital permits

Sergei Sobyanin also underscored that it was still too early for all workers to return back to their places of work. “This is why every organisation in the city must keep the maximum amount of people working remotely,” he said.

As of 21 May employers have been issuing digital permits to their employees. To do this they need full details of the employee or individual entrepreneur mail account details as found on the Moscow Mayor and Government site.

The employers will have to enter their corporate name, tax ID, the employee’s surname, patronymic (if any) and name, his/her ID  details,  a contact number and, optionally, e-mail and give the license plate number or the number of the Troika, Strelka or social card used for travelling in the city.

Now it is obligatory to use the legal entity’s or individual entrepreneur’s mail account details at for issuing digital permits to those employees who are not holders of Russian passports. The employer may also cancel digital permits of the employees whose presence at a place of work is no longer required.

“In order to simplify matters as of 27 May only Moscow digital permits will be valid for travelling around Moscow. However, residents of other regions are already being issued with them,” explained Sergei Sobyanin.


The Moscow Mayor has also specified the regulations requiring people to wear masks and gloves while travelling by rail. As of 25 May passengers will need to use PPE not only on trains, but also in railway stations,  platforms, passages, pedestrian overpasses and underpasses.

Self-isolation and some other restrictions in Moscow have been extended to 31 May. City shops, other than those selling food, essential items and pets supplies, are not open .Theatres, restaurants, cafes, fitness centres and beauty salons are all closed too. Visits to parks and entertainment venues is also strictly prohibited.

People must have a permit if they want to drive their car or use public transport. Such permits are issued twice a week or on a daily basis for visiting medical institutions or for volunteer activities. Employees of the entities that are eligible to operate during the restriction period can obtain work permits.

Since 12 May Moscow has gradually been easing restrictive measures. Industrial enterprises and construction companies have been going back to work building roads, schools, kindergartens and other important places. As of 25 May government service centres will reopen.

For additional information about prevention of the coronavirus and its treatment methods  call: +7 (495) 870 4509 or go to special project.


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