Build a route on MCD or metro sections under construction: Moscow Metro app updated

October 14, 2019

Moscow metro mobile app helps to build a route including MCD platforms marked on the prospective metro map. It also shows the metro stations under construction, scheduled to open until 2021.

'Moscow metro mobile app has been updated, with many handy features added. Now users can view both the current and the prospective metro map, get the shortest and most convenient route around Moscow and calculate travel time you can save,' said Deputy Moscow Mayor, Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Maxim Liksutov.

There are Big Circle Line stations under construction mapped. This year, the section from Aviamotornaya to Lefortovo stations is to open for public, and in 2020, sections from Khoroshevskaya to Karamyshevskaya and from Lefortovo to Rubtsovskaya stations will have trains running. The line's construction is to be completed in 2023.

Besides, you can build a route on Nekrasovskaya line.  This June, its first section, from Kosino to Nekrasovka, has been launched. The prospective transport map has the second section marked, too — from Aviamotornaya to Kosino stations, which is in the final stage of construction now.

The updated version of the app is available in App Store and Google Play. To view the metro map with the stations under construction, go to home page with the current map, and click the white button with the metro logo and a curved arrow.

Moscow Metro mobile app was developed in early 2017. Users are the first to know about the opening of new stations and scheduled repairs through push notifications. Also, Moscow Metro app can build a route with any public transport and commuter trains. The service tells you how to get to a specific point, and calculates the travel time.

Users can also view all current fares. The app has a directory of major Moscow attractions you can get the best route to.

Moscow Metro tells about incentive parking lots near metro stations, as well as vacant parking spaces available. You can use it to order an escort service from the Passenger Mobility Centre. Building routes and topping up Troika Travel Card are the most popular app features used since its launch.  

Transport development: metro and MCD

By the end of 2023, 47 metro stations are expected to open in Moscow. Six of them (Yugo-Vostochnaya, Okskaya, Stakhanovskaya, Nizhegorodskaya and Aviamotornaya of Nekrasovskaya line, as well as Lefortovo station of the Big Circle Line) will launch by the end of December, another 41 stations are to open from 2020 to 2023. 

Traffic on the first two diameters is expected to launch by the end of this year. MCD-1 Odintsovo—Lobnya and MCD-2 Nakhabino—Podolsk will have 66 stations,  with 27 of them providing transfer to the metro, Moscow Central Circle and radial railway lines.  Like the metro, the diameters will be open from 05:30 am till 01:00 am. During rush hours, headway will not exceed 5-6 minutes.

Soon, other diameters are expected to open, with routes to link Zelenograd and Ramenskoye, Aprelevka and Zheleznodorozhny, Domodedovo and Pushkino. Moscow Central Diameters will link different Moscow railway lines. With the new surface metro, passengers will cross Moscow in 40 minutes.


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