Brazilian rhythms, soul, bebop: Multi-Coloured Jazz festival's participants

June 15

On 16 June, Moscow will host 10th Multi-Coloured Jazz festival. The event will bring together young musicians and renowned jazz performers. Over 20 Russian and foreign bands will at in the Nosov's Mansion Historical and Cultural Centre, a branch of the Russian State Youth Library.

This year, the festival has been arranged jointly with the Moscow College of Improvised Music. The programme includes performances by both familiar bands (Jazz Friends A Cappella Choir and Honey Jazz Choir, the winner of the Moscow Spring a Cappella Festival 2017) and the bands that have never performed at the festival (Ensalarado Brazilian Duo, Masala Quartet creative laboratory, Coral Reefs Orchestra and Iskra Band).

Traditionally, the festival will have two stages: while professional jazz musicians perform well-known pieces on the main stage, the small stage hosts a jam session, an improvisation concert, a rehearsal and friendly gathering at the same time. You may both listen to the music (soul, spirituals, bebop, swing, fusion, funk, folk), and play together with the musicians.

Olga Oskina, a music expert, a teacher at the Moscow College of Improvised Music, and Mikhail Mitropolsky, a jazz reviewer, a radio and TV presenter, will be the concert's hosts talking about modern jazz.

Merchant Vasily Nosov's Mansion is one of the few monuments of wooden Art Nouveau preserved in Moscow. Built in 1903 by Lev Kekushev, today the building is listed as a cultural heritage site of federal significance. It houses three departments of the Russian State Youth Library: historical and cultural centre, printed music department and the Russian Art Nouveau Centre.

The festival is to open at 03:00 pm. Admission is free.

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