Bolshoi’s Apollo and Ploshchad Revolutsii metro station’s Alsatian: Russpass new videos

February 12

The digital travel service Russpass continues its series of stories about Moscow. The collage videos explain the architecture, history and culture of the Russian capital.

One of the new videos reveals the secret of the unusual windows in architect Konstantin Melnikov’s workshop and just how and why the hexagon-shaped windows came into being.

The next video is about the statue of a dog at Ploshchad Revolyutsii metro station. People in Moscow believe it brings good luck, but few really know the real story behind how the bronze Alsatian almost led to a quarrel between the architects.

Another short video tells about the sculpture of Apollo high above the portico of the Bolshoi Theatre. Users can learn how the famous Apollo quadriga, with the god driving the four horses, was hidden away during the Great Patriotic War and whose effort ensured that it still adorns the facade of the building.

Another video is dedicated to a high-profile event at VDNKh’s Cosmos Pavilion. It was the first official Moscow party with DJs.

The video stories are recorded in two languages, Russian and English. The English-language versions of the videos are available on the Discover Moscow YouTube channel.

Earlier, Russpass released 16 animated videos as part of an educational series about Moscow. Viewers can learn about the creation of Tetris, a world-famous game, the pandas residing at the Moscow Zoo and VDNKh’s Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Pavilion.

Russpass is a digital travel service that helps people plan individual tours around Moscow and other Russian cities. It can also be used to book air and train tickets, various excursions, museum and theatre visits, as well as to learn about interesting places and useful services. More than 1,100 travel deals are available there, including mainstream tours and unique trips.

The service was developed at the initiative of the Moscow Government and is supervised by Moscow’s Committee for Tourism and the Department of Information Technology.

Russpass has signed cooperation agreements with 82 regions of the Russian Federation. More than 50 of them have already presented their travel programmes.


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