Boat trips: parks to offer row boat or paddleboat trips

June 27
Parks and pedestrian areas

This summer, Moscow parks invite to enjoy boat trips on ponds and lakes.  You may rent row boats and paddleboats in eight recreation areas of the Moscow Department of Culture. The cost of boats' rent and the sharing stations' opening hours are available on the parks' official websites.

"Moscow residents are welcome to take boat trips in our parks. Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve has three picturesque Verkhny (Upper), Sredny (Middle) and Nizhny (Lower) ponds. For history fans, the Park offers boat rides with an audio guide, to learn more about the history of Tsaritsyno and take a look at the familiar scenery from an unexpected perspective," the Press Service of the Moscow City Park (Mosgorpark) said.

Kuskovo Museum Estate offers to rent a boat and take a romantic trip on the Grand Palace pond. Several centuries ago, guests of the counts Sheremetev used to take boat rides on this pond during festivities. Boating has been always popular in the Park. During the boat trip, you can go around an artificial island once occupied by the Poteshny Fleet fortress of the Sheremetevs, or ride between two columns that once served as lighthouses.

Izmailovsky Park has its boat station on Krugly (Round) pond created in the 17th century to decorate the Royal estate. Tsar's daughters visiting Izmailovo in summer entertained themselves ringing a bell to make pikes and sturgeons come for feeding. Today Park guests may take a ride on a row boat or a paddleboat on the ancient pond. Motor boats are available for fast-riders.

Gorky Park has Pionersky and Golitsynsky ponds to enjoy a ride on some watercraft.  Pionersky pond was called Maly (Small) pond before the October Revolution. It was a favourite place of Mikhail Chekhov and Feodor Chaliapin to fish and skate. Golitsynsky pond is the most romantic location in Gorky Park. Next to it, you will find Pioner summer cinema, one of the largest venues in Moscow to watch films in the open air.

Vorontsovo Estate's boat station is located on Bolshoi Vorontsovsky Pond. In addition, to row boats and paddleboats, Park guests may rent a Zorb, a transparent ball for children to play on the water near the bank. You may also rent watercraft in Mitino, Kuzminki and Lianozovsky parks.

Where to find row boats and paddleboats sharing stations in Moscow parks:

— Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve, three boat stations — on Verkhny (Upper), Sredny (Middle) and Nizhny (Lower) Tsaritsyno ponds

— Gorky Park, two boat stations — Golitsynsky and Pionersky ponds;

— Mitino Landscape Park, boat station on Penyaginsky Pond;

— Kuzminki Park, two boat stations on Shibayevsky Pond;

— Izmailovsky Park, boat station on Krugly pond;

— Lianozovsky Park, boat station on Nizhny Lianozovsky pond;

— Vorontsovo Estate, boat station on Bolshoi Vorontsovsky pond;

— Kuskovo Estate, boat station on Grand Palace pond.

Sunbathe and take bike rides

Water recreation areas have been arranged in 17 Moscow parks. Sunbathe near the water in Gorky Park, Sokolniki Park, Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve, Kuzminki Park and other green areas.  

Moscow has now over 100 water recreation areas. There are WCs, changing cabins, showers and garbage containers on the beaches. Besides, you can play futsal and beach volleyball on specially equipped grounds.

You may rent bicycles, roller skates, scooters, and bicycle cars to have a nice ride in the park. Small electric cars for children can be rented in 12 recreation areas.

Stepper bikes, electric power supplied bench, drift karts and more to rent in Moscow parks Mini-resort within the city: Moscow parks opened beaches and swimming pools

What else Moscow parks offer

Summer season in Moscow parks launched on 1 May. Green areas boast a diverse outdoor activity infrastructure,  including workout grounds, courts, football fields, jogging and cycling  tracks. Besides, Moscow parks also offer free sports, crafts and educational courses for adults.

Learn foreign languages in Gorky Park and work out in Vorobyovy Gory Park.  37 Moscow parks hold yoga sessions under the guidance of 150 experienced certified coaches.  Eight Moscow parks have children's camps. 


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