Bike Routes in Moscow Parks: Where to Ride and What to See

June 4
Parks and pedestrian areas

Cycling Day is celebrated around the world on 31 May. On this day in 1868, the first two-wheeled bicycle race took place in Paris. In Russia, the first bike race took place on 24 July 1883 at the Moscow Hippodrome.

This kind of transport becomes more and more popular in the capital. At the same time, the cycling infrastructure is also developing in the places for walking, preferred by the city residents. Over 70 kilometers of bike routes have already been paved in the Moscow parks under the jurisdiction of the City Department of Culture. Read about the most interesting and picturesque routes in the materials.

Picturesque Embankment, Orchard and Kolomenskoye Churches

There are two bike routes in the Kolomenskoye Museum and Reserve. One of them starts at the entrance to the park from Novinki Street and ends on the embankment. Its length is five kilometers. During the bike ride, the monuments of the Museum of Wooden Architecture, as well as the splendid Church of the Ascension, towering over the Moskva River, can be seen.

The second route runs in a circle — it starts and ends at the palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. It is three kilometers long. Cyclists will see the Dyakovsky Orchard, the Golosov ravine and drive past the snow-white temple of the Beheading of John the Baptist of the 16th century

Already in June, the museum-reserve will host a regular cycling tour “Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich and Ivan the Terrible.” During the bike ride, the guide will tell the participants about two centuries of the Kolomenskoye history - the 16th and 17th centuries, when the Tsar's residence near Moscow was flourishing, as well as about the personalities of the two sovereigns who left a noticeable trace in history of the country.

There are four rental centers and 100 parking lots with five spaces each in the part territory.

Photo by Yulia Ivanko,

Aleshkinsky meadow and the Navy Museum in Severnoye Tushino

On the territory of the Severnoye Tushino park, a bike route with a length of 3.2 km was paved. The route starts from the picturesque Aleshkinsky meadow, where clover, cornflowers, motherwort and other meadow plants grow. Then cyclists get to the embankment, from where the view of the port of the Northern River Station and the Khimki Reservoir is unveiled. The route runs along the entire embankment to the Museum of the History of the Russian Navy, and then turns to Zakharkovsky Bay. The bike ride through the park ends near the entrance from Khimki Boulevard.

The most beautiful time for a walk is in the morning and evening hours, when sunrise and sunset colors paint patterns on the water surface.

The rental offices are located in the immediate vicinity of the route: behind the central square, as well as near the Alley named after Pushkin.  There are bicycle parking near the Navy Museum, near the administration building, next to a cafe and on the embankment.  

Rose Garden, Lilac Garden and Pond in Sokolniki

The length of all bike routes in Sokolniki Park is 12 kilometers. They cross the central areas of the park, lead to the Big Rose Garden, the Lilac Garden, the Dog Pond and other picturesque corners.

One can come on own bike or can rent it. The rental center is located at the intersection of the Sokolnichesky Circle passage and the 3rd Luchevoy Prosek. There are a number of bike stands, and the routes are lighted, so it is possible to ride in the evenings.

Embankments and Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills)

The cycling route begins in the Muzeon Art Park - near the entrance from Golutvinsky Lane - and ends at Vorobyovy Gory. The picturesque route with a total length of eight kilometers runs along the Krymskaya, Pushkinskaya, Andreevskaya and Vorobyovskaya embankments.

Bicycles can be rented in the park at six rental centers.

Oaks and Lindens of the Fili Park

In Fili Park, the bike route starts at the rental center near the main entrance. The 2.5 kilometer route passes away from the bustle of the city: along the road unique oaks and lindens being over 150 years old can be seen, the Moskva River flows in the immediate vicinity.

There are three rental centers in the park with the bike parking next to them. The bike can also be left near the cafe and summer cinema. Mountain biking classes are planned to be arranged in the park in summer.

A Chess House, Linden Alley and Flower Gardens of the Park 50th Anniversary of October

The total length of bike paths in the Park 50th Anniversary of October is 3.5 kilometers. They pass by the chess house, table tennis court and other sports areas. Down the road, one can admire the linden alley and perennial flower beds.

The bike may be rented in two rental centers. There are parking lots near the skating rink, at the rental points themselves, at playgrounds and at the Partizan Alley of the Moscow Region.

The entire territory of the park is well lit in the evening.

Photo by Maxim Denisov,

Musical pavilion and Ferris Wheel of Izmailovsky Park

In Izmailovsky Park, there are bicycle routes on the alley of the Big Circle and on the alley of the Proletarsky Entrance. They are 4.3 km long in total.

The route in the central part of the park passes by sports grounds, chess and draught pavilion, Solnechnaya stage, playground, musical pavilion and large Ferris wheel. From the pond, the cyclists can ride along the forestland on the Proletarsky Entrance alley. The cycle route runs all the way to the entrance to the park from the Entuziastov highway, next to the equestrian sports center.

A bike can be rented on Severnaya Square, near the small Ferris wheel, next to the main entrance and at the entrance to the park from the side of the Sokolinaya Gora MCC station.

Bicycle parking lots can be found in different parts of the park, most of them are located near the infrastructure facilities. For instance, at the big Ferris wheel, at the boat station, as well as at other pavilions and cafes.

Everything a cyclist should know about Moscow


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