Bicycle lanes plus walking route: ZIL Peninsula promenade

October 30

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has signed a resolution approving a development plan for a stretch of the Moskva River embankment on the “ZIL Peninsula.” This 32-hectare area is located in the Danilovsky District between the Marc Chagall Embankment and the Simonovskaya Embankment. There are plans to create a four-kilometre promenade with walking, jogging and bicycle lanes. It’s expected that steps in the vicinity of Planned Street No.780 will be rebuilt to provide easy access to the river, with another three ramps and a berth for river-craft to be added.

The roadway will be at a considerable distance from the edge of the water and have 22 pedestrian crossings and seven bus stops.

The new bit of land will link the Marc Chagall Embankment with the Simonovskaya Embankment and create part of a walking route stretching from the Kremlin to Dream Island Park.

The project to overhaul the former ZIL industrial zone provides for the creation of a new balanced-development urban area that will have, along with housing, schools, kindergartens, health centres, embankments, and a sophisticated transport infrastructure. The Park of Legends sports cluster, one of the largest in the city, will be built in the area, including an ice palace and an aquatic sports centre. There are plans to open a branch of the Hermitage, theatres, and an art centre. 

A total of 40,000 jobs will be created on ZIL Peninsula too.


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