Bicycle cars and electric scooters: what else can you ride at VDNKh

May 4
Parks and pedestrian areas

The cycling season has started at the main exhibition of the country. You can rent bicycles, scooters, four- and two-person bicycle cars at sports equipment rental centers, and electric scooters at 24-hour parking stations. Visitors to VDNKh can also rent ecological taxi. In total, there are 500 modern bicycles, 200 bicycle cars, 100 ordinary scooters and 405 electric scooters, six ecological taxi cars at visitors' disposal. If the autumn weather is warm, the cycling season at the exhibition will last until October.

Since April 15, two additional rental centers have been opened at VDNKh. They are located near Young Naturalists pavilion No.8 and Rabbit breeding pavilion No.44. In addition to bicycles and scooters, there you can rent four-and two-seater bicycle cars popular among couples and families with children.

You can also rent adult and children's bicycles and scooters near the arch of the main entrance - on the northern and southern loops of the ring road. For the guests convenience, all bicycle rental centers are located in the immediate vicinity of the walking paths and are open daily from 10:00 to 22:00.

To rent sports equipment, you need to present a personal identification document (but not a passport), or leave something as guarantee. For persons entitled to benefits, discounts of up to 50 percent are provided for. To get them, you will need to have a document confirming your right to benefits. Children must be accompanied by adults.

In addition, 27 round-the-clock parking stations are open at VDNKh where you can take modern electric scooters. On each stand there are 15 scooters, their total number is 405.

Another 24 additional parking stations, each of which will have 10 electric scooters, will appear at the exhibition in early May. After their opening, the fleet of electric scooters at VDNKh will increase by 240 pieces. Thus, the total number of parking stations on the territory of the exhibition will increase to 51. This is twice as much as last year.

To take on a hire, you need to download the Urent app or Rushering for iOS or Android, register in it and scan the QR code. You can find it on the steering wheel of the electric scooter.

In addition, 50 e-bikes will be available to visitors in May. Five automatic stations will appear on Promyshlennosty Square: near building 164, pavilions No. 20 (Central Motorsport House), No. 22 (BigWall Climbing Center), No. 37 Poultry Farming and No. 61 Centrosoyuz. They can be taken using the Rushering application.

You can view the location of all bike rental centers and electric scooter parking stations on the interactive map.

Recreationists can ride on rented or personal bicycles and scooters, as well as on roller skates and skateboards on the path with a special surface and markings. It runs along the ring road and has a length of about 10 kilometers.

Guests of VDNKh can also rent the ecological taxy. Last year, it was used by almost 20 thousand visitors. Ecotaxis are located on the northern and southern loops of the ring road, near the arch of the main entrance, as well as at the Khovansky and Sovkhozny access ways and behind the Cosmos pavilion.

The preventive measures still take place on the territory of VDNKh. All visitors should use antiseptic products and maintain a social distance.

VDNKh is a unique public space with more than 80 years of history. The exhibition unites 49 sites of cultural heritage, and its total area exceeds 325 hectares.


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