Be the first to watch: Arts Night in Moscow dedicated to theatrical premieres

October 30, 2019

Annual campaign Arts Night will take place in Moscow 3 to 4 November. It is to cover not only theatres, museums, libraries, cultural centres, galleries and art schools, but also railway stations, airports and parks. Find Arts Night venues in Moscow streets, too. According to Deputy Moscow Mayor Natalya Sergunina, this year campaign's topic is 'Arts Night. Premier Night'.

'This cultural event traditionally invites citizens of different ages. All events, more than 250 across Moscow, are dedicated to the Year of Theatre. Arts Night is to offer theatrical productions, performances, concerts, film screenings, tours and meet-the-artist events,' said Natalya Sergunina, Deputy Moscow Mayor and Chairman of the Moscow Steering Committee for the Year of Theatre in Russia.

According to Natalya, this year's programme includes many premiere performances staged by young Moscow directors. In particular, Arts Night venues will host performances created by the winners of TeatrOnStage, an international theatre program. These are opera productions, dramas, comedies and more.

Famous directors, artists, musicians, writers, contemporary art project organisers and many others took part in the preparation of Arts Night.

The grand opening of the event will take place at the Helikon Opera Moscow Music Theatre. Immediately after the ceremony, guests will watch one of the most famous theatre productions, the ‘Aleko’ opera (08:00 pm). To attend the event, you need to register on the campaign's website.

The Museum of Moscow will present scenes from the play 'The One-Armed Man from Spokane' and the literary performance 'I. Myself. Mayakovsky' based on the most renowned poet's pieces and quotes from his autobiographical work 'I. Myself'. The program starts at the Museum of Moscow at 05:00 pm, admission is free.

At 08:00, 09:00 and 10:00 pm, Darwin Museum's hall 'Diversity of Life on Earth' will host the light, video and music program  'Living Planet': in just 20 minutes, viewers will see the entire history of life on Earth, revived with the help of cutting-edge technology.

This year, each Arts Night venue in Moscow has a surprise in store for you. A number of special events will take place at Kazansky and Kievsky railway stations, and at Sheremetyevo International Airport.

On Pushkinskaya Square, you will witness the performance 'Folk Path', with 50 artists involved, each of them acting the poet Alexander Pushkin. They will go out of the theatres located in the centre of Moscow to walk each 'his own path' to the Alexander Pushkin’s monument. Watch the unusual performance starting 06:00 pm.

The Sheremetyevo Airport venue will also be dedicated to Alexander Pushkin. Guests will watch the program of the international theatre project 'Playing Pushkin, Russian Style'. The Russian literature classic's poems will be performed by young talents from all over Moscow, accompanied by the Vladimir Shikin Moscow Youth Variety Symphony Orchestra. Start at 04:00 pm.

At 06:30 pm, Kazansky railway station’s hall hosts the musical performance 'Night Symphony of Trains', with symphony orchestras, choirs, renowned musicians and others performing.


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