Bats, horses and foxes: about 500 animals and birds were rescued in Moscow within a year

November 6
Safety and security

Moscow rescuers helped about 500 animals and birds this year. Most of them are pets, but some wild animals were also recued.

So, this August, the rescuers of the Moscow Aviation Center went to Severnoye Butovo: a bat penetrated into the apartment on the 16th floor, clang to the ceiling and was sleeping. Specialists caught the bat, made sure that it was not injured, and released the bat into its natural habitat. The operation took no more than 10 minutes.

This spring, specialists of the Moscow Fire and Rescue Center visited kindergartens in the south and north-east of Moscow to rescue foxes. In both cases, specialists caught the foxes and transferred them to Moscow Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection. The foxes got the required assistance and were returned to their natural habitat.

In September, a horse could not get out of the stream in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative districts. To rescue the horse, specialists of the Moscow Fire and Rescue Center used a hoist — a lifting device consisting of movable and fixed blocks connected by ropes. Rescuers helped the exhausted horse to get to the bank and accompanied it with the owner to the stable.

Birds often need help on riversides. Employees of search and rescue stations examine birds and, if there are no injuries, release them into the wild. If the birds need treatment, they are transferred to Moscow Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection.

In the spring, rescuers help dogs that fall through the ice. The animals are rescued using special equipment, and pet owners are reminded to follow the rules for dog walking.

An incident with an animal can be reported and specialists called at answering point 112. Moscow rescuers and firefighters are skilled in handling domestic and wild animals, and they have special equipment to safely catch animals, birds and reptiles. Rescuers remind: if you notice a wild animal, do not approach it and warn children against contact with it. Don't turn your back on the animal. Walk around the animal or go back in the direction you came from while maintaining visual contact with the animal.


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