Based on 1960s photos: VDNKh recreated the historic rose garden on Promyshlennosty Square

May 29
Parks and pedestrian areas

At VDNKh, the historical flower garden, which is located near the Vostok simulated launch vehicle on Promyshlennosty Square, was restored. It was recreated with the help of 1960s photographs. About 1250 floribunda rose bushes have been planted here, and you can see their flowering in June.

The concept for the historical landscaping restoration of the Promyshlennosty Square was developed by the VDNKh landscape architects. Archival photos show that from 1962 to the 1980s, the area near the Vostok simulated launch vehicle was decorated with lushly flowering floribunda roses. Since the 1990s, they have been lost.

On the flower garden recreated, the bushes are arranged in three rows, they are planted on the upper tier around the simulated launch vehicle. The selected cultivar of roses - ‘Anniversary of the Prince of Monaco’ - is characterized by a long repeated flowering, the buds appear from the end of June to the end of September.

Taking into account the flower garden recreated, there are about 36 thousand roses of many popular groups on the entire territory of VDNKh - tea-hybrid, floribunda, groundcover, park and others. Each group is divided into dozens and sometimes hundreds of varieties and species. The VDNKh territory design has always been famous for the wealth of roses. So, during the Soviet era, people came from all over the country to see the standard roses at the main exhibition. These flowers were even written about in Guides to Moscow.

Most of the roses are located in the Central Alley, in the northern and southern rose gardens. You can also take beautiful pictures during the flowering period near the Cultural Center, the monument to I. V. Michurin, pavilion No. 510 Gastronom (delicatessen) No. 1" (former "Glavconserv") and in the Gruzinsky (Georgian) Square. In these places, guests can find scarlet, yellow, dark red roses, as well as vibrant wine buds of the Burgundy variety.

Now at VDNKh you can admire other blooming flowers. So, a unique lilac has already come into flower, which grows only in a few Moscow sites. These varieties were bred during the Soviet era by the famous breeder Leonid Kolesnikov. At VDNKh, in general, there are about three thousand bushes of 30 varieties of lilac. In addition to syringaria, it grows near the Friendship of Peoples and Stone Flower fountains, near the Vostok simulated launch vehicle, to the right and left of the Central Alley in the area of Promyshlennosty Square and on the Lilac Alley.

The most numerous types of plants - bulbous ones - also are flowering. There are about two million of them on the territory of VDNKh. These are scylla, hazel grouse, bluebells, tulips, crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths and others.


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