Bamboo bouquets, romance and drama: Moscow Zoo pandas with Russpass

February 6
Tourism and travels

Russpass online travel service has posted a new video about pandas living in the Moscow Zoo. Viewers will learn why many years ago, when a panda arrived in Moscow, it was greeted with bouquets of bamboo, and about the dramatic romance that awaited the panda there. The video also features Ru Yi and Ding Ding, the pandas currently living in the zoo.

The travel service recently released other Moscow-themed videos. One takes viewers to the Odd Flat from Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita novel. The other covers issuance of bicycle riding licences in pre-revolutionary Moscow.

A series of short videos created by journalist Vladimir Rayevsky and his colleagues is dedicated to the distinct features of Moscow’s historical architecture and local urban legends.

Foreign viewers can watch English-language versions of the online series on the Discover Moscow YouTube channel.

Russpass makes planning trips around Russia quick and easy. Users can buy railway and airline tickets, and book hotels and restaurants via the website and much more. The service has more than 1,100 special travel offers, including package tours and tailored itineraries.

Russpass was developed at the initiative of the Moscow City Government. The project is supervised by the Moscow Tourism Committee and the Moscow Department of Information Technology.


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