Back to childhood: Places to play games in Moscow

July 21
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Moscow is getting more and more colourful playgrounds but when adults are there they sometimes have nothing better to do but sit on a nearby bench and keep a watchful eye on their charges.

New generation playgrounds to the rescue.

Playing on swings

Five years ago white sheds were constructed on Triumfalnaya Square as part of the landscape design and double swings wide enough for two people were erected in them. These at once become very popular not only with children but adults too.

Big swings can also be found on Novy Arbat Street. They were put there after major repair work.

“My District” attractions are usually to be found in public places a long way away from the centre of the city. Lianozovo Promenade recreation area in Lianozovo and Akademika Kurchatova Square in Shchyukino also have colourful swings that are enclosed. In 2019 swings and swivel seats were installed in the Krylatskoye District after Osenny Boulevard underwent repair work.

People it seems are not only attracted to the swings, but also enjoy the view of the Grand City Pond in Victory (Pobedy) Park in Zelenograd, newly landscaped under the My District programme. Another picturesque view of the water is from the swings on the bank of the Moskva River in the 850th Anniversary of Moscow Park and Brateyevo Cascade Park.

In the Khodynkskoye Polye Park, to the north of Moscow, the swings were placed at the highest point in the recreation area so that people can admire the panoramic view of the surroundings. There red and white windsocks, like on an air field, might even remind people of how things were once upon a time in the park.

An unusual “My District” attraction dating back to the year 2019 is the circular swings awaiting anyone who goes to Bibirevo Light Park. These glow in the dark creating an effect similar to that of Polar Lights. Mega swings can be found in the Salyut children’s playground in Gorky Park and lots of other attractions for both children and adults that all glow in the dark.

Playing slides and bungees plus musical instruments

Another fascinating attraction for adults is the slides that have been placed on top of artificial hills. They can also be used for descending straightforwardly and quickly from one level of the park to another.

Adults are also permitted to use the slides at the Aviator site in Khodynskoye Polye Park as well as in Bibirevo Light Park.

Photo: Maxim Denisov

Delegatsky Park in the centre of Moscow has what has been named an extreme slide up on a hill. The park also boasts two bungees, the biggest being 51 metres long. Adults, less than 80 kg are allowed to have a try on this.

If people want they can compose a melody at the musical sites with xylophones, pipes and drums at Garden of the Future park in Rostokino and Oak Grove public garden in Sosenskoye settlement.

Noiseless games

Formerly people went to parks to play chess, gorodki or petanque but that’s changed and there are other public spaces for activities that are not noisy.

There’s no shortage of chessboard tables. An intellectual duel is possible on Lianozovo promenade, in Torfyanka and Kuzminki parks, in Khimki Boulevard in Severnoye Tushino and in a public garden situated in Lukinskaya Street in Novo-Peredelkino.

Moscow also has places that are good for playing gorodki. In Brateyevo Cascade Park there’s an ideal corner situated beside the tennis court, in the Desenovskoye settlement enthusiasts can play in Vatutinki Park near the football pitch and if you are in the township of Vnukovskoye, then - in Pykhtino Park.

Petanque players can find places to play in the centre of Moscow: in Gorky Park and Delegatsky Park.

Photo: Maxim Denisov

Getting lost in labyrinths and enjoying dry fountains

Park labyrinths are made for adult lovers of the game hide-and-seek and one of the best is at VDNKh. It is designed to evoke various emotions as the use of colours, odours and illumination are distributed throughout.

Khodynskoye Polye Park has a rather unusual mirror labyrinth. The sky and the park’s environs are reflected in the polished pillars of various heights installed on one of the hills. If the sun should happen to shine the pillars cast shadows making a labyrinth. This is considered a superb photo spot.

Photo: Maxim Denisov

The first dry fountains were built in Moscow in 2013. The biggest are located in Museon and Khodynskoye Polye parks. Such fountains can also be found in Babushkinsky Park, Svyatoslav Fyodorov Park, 70th Anniversary of Victory Park in Cheryomushki, Sadovniki, Gorka and also in Lilac Garden.

Grownups in Moscow it seems also like interactive amusements. On Moscow Transport Day adults were given the opportunity to try their luck with the Dancing Traffic Lights game where they had to go to a booth where they had to dance and then a traffic light stickman imitated their movements. VDNKh also has interactive amusements: an unusual bench beside the Neftegrad playground plays music when people sit on it and fidget about.


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