Autumn in My District: most unusual Moscow libraries guide

September 29, 2019

Libraries are no longer associated with standard reading rooms and the ironclad rule to keep quiet. This is due to the fact that many Moscow reading rooms have totally transformed: still having their great book collections, today it is a multi-purpose, bright and high-tech space to interact with this content, where everyone can find something interesting and communicate with like-minded people. has compiled a brief guide of some of the most extraordinary Moscow libraries.

Nebo (Sky) Library

Sholokhov Central Library No. 70 in Preobrazhensky district is called a 'high-flying library', since it has been retrofitted under Growth Points to centre around aviation. Its topic-specific collection includes both technical and scientific literature about specific features of a pilot's and an aircraft designer's job, as well as fiction books about characters conquering the sky.

Reading rooms surprise with a space food device and aircraft simulators, one of which is in a real Yak-40 cabin. Besides, you can read a book in the aircraft seat, and view various aircraft scale models and mockups.

There are rotating aviation book exhibitions in the library rooms, with the hall hosting two permanent book and illustrative displays of the Central Museum of MiG Russian Aircraft Corporation. The library's club offers aircraft modelling classes for school students aged 10-16.

Graphic Stories Library

In February 2018, the renovated Library No. 227 opened in Northern Tushino. The district residents, especially schoolchildren and young people, are pleased to find a new collection of graphic literature including more than 770 comics. Moreover, you can create your own comics using a special graphics tablet.

The design of library's rooms is in line with the theme: there are comic posters on the bookshelves, walls and front windows. The pop-art style young space and the geek site regularly host lectures on comics, master classes by contemporary artists, presentations of graphic novels, film screenings and game sessions. Besides, the library has a Mangaka Studio to draw manga, Japanese comics.

Apart from the graphic literature collection, the library's book collection includes 40,000 titles, board games, a vinyl zone to digitise vinyl records, and much more.

Technoscience Library

Library No. 240 in Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, with its sci-tech and sci-fi collections offering books about high-tech, is a great place for IT fans. The library's guests (scientists and science promoters) regularly hold lectures, master classes, workshops and science battles dealing with the Internet of Things, additive technology (3D printing), big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, as well as visual effects in art, cinema and games.

The library's book collection includes more than 30,000 titles. The science fiction literature shelves 'Read the Future!' have books arranged in a special order, according to the time inventions predicted by Russian and foreign writers come true. 100 Technoscience Books are about the most advanced sci-tech discoveries and their integration into everyday life.

There are information banners 'Fiction that has become a reality' and 'The future of technology' on the walls of the reading room with this collection of books. There is also an advanced ICT room, regularly hosting classes for different age groups.

SMART library

The updated Akhmatova Library No.197 opened in Krylatskoye a year ago. This is the first smart library in Moscow to have a co-working space with Wi-Fi and devices to search for information, a multi-purpose transforming hall, a video content production studio and a VR zone 'Akhmatova's Balcony' to learn the biography and works of the legendary poet.

The library's art space is designed for art exhibitions. There is also a design studio and a printing workshop where you can do a layout of your own book and print it, a 30-seat 'knowledge laboratory' to hold lessons and lectures, an educational centre with five classrooms to hold robotics, programming and other lessons and an early childhood learning centre.

The electronic reading room has a 24/7 book collector to return library books at any time of the day. You do not even need to go inside, just leave the book in the book return terminal at the entrance, and a special device will read the book's barcode to strike it off your library card.

There is also a multimedia access point to get a quick response to your request and RFID book receipt and return stations.

Argunovka Library and Media Centre

The Media Centre in Argunovskaya Street, derived from Library No.67 in 2017, is the flagship project of Northeastern Administrative Area's libraries. The two-storey building in Ostankinsky district was completely renovated in 2014-2016.

Apart from the state-of-the-art reading rooms, Argunovka has a spacious and well-lit co-working space, a 45-seat conference room, a discussion platform, a children's game room, and 11 places to work on the computer. The library often hosts contemporary art exhibitions.

There is also a self-service station to take books without the help of the librarian, just scan the barcode on your Unified Library Card with the scanner. The printed collection of the library boasts more than 23,000 titles.

Design Library

Library No. 95, transformed in cooperation with the industrial designer club, opened in Novogireyevo district last summer. Professional designers have developed and implemented a new look of the reading room to meet latest interior decoration trends. Moscow designers have made all the details here on their own, from tables and shelves to lamps and mannequins.

Since it is the industrial designer club's headquarters too, the library has been hosting insightful events about design, fashion and art, lectures by leading industry experts, presentations of designer books and so on.

Young designers visiting Library No. 95 can take advantage of the open workshop. Here you will find everything you need to prototype your product, take a picture of it and exhibit it in the showroom of the industrial designer club located on the spot.

Lyalin Centre

Zhukovsky Library No.18, housing a theatre project launched last year, is located in Lyalin Pereulok (Basmanny district), hence the name 'Lyalin Centre'. It is both a library and a platform for young theatre groups and children's theatres. Here they have an opportunity to put their creative ideas into practice and make a name.

The theatre stage neighbours upon a unique themed book collection, including rare theatrics books. They can be very helpful for aspiring actors, directors and playwrights to enter Moscow art universities. You will find the entire themed collection publicly available in the Theatre and Cinema Hall.

Join the campaign 'Give the City a Book About Theatre and Cinema' launched last summer in the library and replenish its collection with art books and magazines. The reading room willingly accepts both printed editions, and themed media files.

Library visitors can also learn more about theatrics attending themed lectures, insightful courses, master classes and film screenings regularly held on the site.

Obraz (Image) Library

Shchukino district offers another reading room for art lovers. This one is about fine arts. After the renovation, Library No. 243 got an art workshop and a literary sitting room, with the collections replenished with books on painting, sculpture, photography and cinema. The themed collection boasts about 2,000 titles.


The art workshop offers studio classes in painting, graphics and other fine arts. There is also a Museum of Cameras, antique photography equipment Muscovites have donated to the library. Visitors can also use chroma key to take experimental pictures combining multiple objects or make their own photo or video portrait for Instagram or YouTube.

The literary sitting room hosts exhibitions organised jointly with the Multimedia Art Museum, insightful lectures, master classes and performances.


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