Autumn in 'My District': Birdwatching in Moscow parks

September 28, 2019
Parks and pedestrian areas

On the first weekend of October Europe and Central Asia celebrate EuroBirdwatch 2019. Bird lovers watch birds in the wild and then report on the species and their numbers. The campaign aims to tell about the migration ways, as well the difficulties migratory and residents birds face.

It is the second time that Moscow parks are taking part in in EuroBirdwatch 2019 this year. Moscow natural areas already offer themed classes and master classes to identify birds that can be found in Moscow during migration. This helps to collect complete and reliable data.

Who can join?

Anyone can join the campaign both independently and together with his or her family or friends. Registration is required. After the information is collected, the team leader sums up the data received by the participants and enters it into an electronic questionnaire.

Volunteers and students of the Moscow City University’s Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies will help to summarise the information received from representatives of Moscow parks. Processed data will be submitted to the Birds and People partnership, overseeing bird census throughout Russia, and then to the campaign's coordination centre in Luxembourg.

Фото: Юлия Иванко

Last year, EuroBirdwatch was attended by bird lovers from 35 countries, including about 400 people from 13 regions of Russia — Arkhangelsk, Vladimir, Leningrad, Lipetsk, Moscow, Ryazan, Tula and Tver regions, the Republic of Karelia, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Krasnodar region, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Moscow had the biggest campaign, with more than 120 participants.

According to the final data for 2018, 28,412 birds of 132 species were registered throughout Russia during the event, with Russia being the 20th in the European ranking.

The Moscow campaign is organised by the Department of Natural Resources Management and Environmental Protection.

All Moscow involved

EuroBirdwatch events will run in city parks in almost all Moscow districts. Birdwatchers not only help to collect important scientific data, but spend some quality time, too. The campaign is an opportunity to get away from the city sprawl and see things we usually do not notice.

Northwestern Administrative Area

'Our Feathered Neighbours' photo exhibition by Anna Sorokina, Department of Natural Resources Management and Environmental Protection, will be running until 21 October in Serebryany Bor to tell about the inhabitants of this natural area.

On 5 and 6 October, at 11:00 am, European bird registration is to take place in Serebryany Bor (participants meet near the entrance to the Veteran Park), with the route going through the park (about 3 km). Dress for the weather, bring a notebook, a pencil and a camera if you wish. If you want to join a group tour, register by calling +7 (499) 199-01-10.

On 26 September (11:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 02:00 pm), Moskvoretsky Natural and Historical Park (1A Stroginskoye Highway) will offer avifauna classes. You will find out about the birds living in the park, their lifestyle, behaviour and how they get ready for winter.

On October 3, 11:00 am till 12:00 pm, 12:00 pm till 01:00 pm and 02:00 pm till 03:00 pm, come here for a master class to make 'Little Birdie' handicrafts of dyed yarn. Mospriroda representatives will tell about avifauna of autumn forests, birds' food habits and behaviour.

Southern Administrative Area

In the south of Moscow, on 24 September, 03:00 pm till 04:00 pm, join the 'Birds of Our Park' tour by Biryulevsky Arboretum to learn about the diversity of local birds and play a voice quiz 'Guess the Bird'. Register by calling +7 (495) 326-46-74.

On 28 September, 10:00 am till 01:00 pm, EuroBirdwatch census will take place here. Visitors will explore the Park and fill in the form of registered local birds.

Eastern Administrative Area

'Resident and Migratory Birds' classes for schoolchildren aged 7+ will be running in Izmailovsky Park until 4 October. Register by calling +7 (499) 367-89-18.

As part of the Birds+ club, on 28 September, 10:00 am, and on 5 October, at 10:00 am, young Muscovites (aged 8-12) will get acquainted with birds of Izmailovsky Park and learn to identify them to practice knowledge obtained during the tour. Register by calling +7 (499) 166-36-87.

Mikhail Yezdakov's exhibition 'Birds of Izmailovsky Forest' is to open on 29 September, 03:00 pm. Mikhail will tell how photographers used to take photos of birds.

On 3 October, 03:00 pm, Konny Dvor will offer  the 'Flight Difficulties' class about the birds staying for the winter, and those flying away for a milder climate, countries migratory birds fly to and challenges they face on their way.

On 4 October, 11:00 am, attend the tour 'Birds of the Park' about the birds that can be found in Terletsky Park during the autumn migration. You will learn how to use binoculars and field guide and identify birds in the wild.

Konny Dvor welcomes birdwatchers on 5 October at 11:00 am. During the tour of the park, participants will identify and register the birds. The data collected will be submitted to the official EuroBirdwatch website.

Western Administrative Area

On 25 September at 10:00 am, Setun River Valley Nature Reserve (Kremenchugskaya Street, opposite 38/1) offers an ornithological tour. You will learn a lot about the birds living in the neighbourhood and their global migrations. Register by calling +7 (499) 730-41-71.

Southeastern Administrative Area

On 24 September, 01:00pm, Kuzminki-Lyublino Natural and Historical Park will offer an ornithological tour. You will hear about the birds living in the Park, their habits and skills to get food.

On 25 September, 01:00 pm, attend an expedition to remote areas of the Park together with a professional ornithologist and a photographer. On 30 September, at 11:00 am, attend the open lesson 'Birds' Voices' to listen to the collection of bird voices.

Northeastern Administrative Area

On 1 October, Beekeeping Pavilion at VDNKh invites to a EuroBirdwarch event. Visitors are in for a 'Guess the Bird' game and 'Little Birdie' master class. Send your application to [email protected] Event starts at 12:00 pm.

On 1 October, 03:00 pm, Ostankino Park launches family environmental and insightful quest 'These Different Birds'. Sign up and find out the details by calling +7 (499) 477-11-97.

Northern Administrative Area

On 27 September, 01:00 pm, the Skhodnya River Valley in Kurkino Landscape Nature Reserve will offer a tour about the diversity of the local avifauna. The walk will start at the entrance to the Park from 31 Sokolovo-Meshcherskaya Street. Register by calling +7 (499) 557-03-48.

Southwestern Administrative Area

A big program within the Bird Watching Days is expected at the Bitsevsky Forest Ecology Centre (1/3 Novoyasenevsky Tupik). On 25 September, 12:00 pm, visit a master class on charcoal drawing of migratory birds, with all the necessary materials provided by the organisers.

On 26 September, at 12:00 pm, the Ecology Centre will hold a bird quest. Participants will have to look for answers to the questions and solve puzzles both to identify birds by their appearance, learn their names, and to find out where they live and what they eat.

On 2 October, at 11:00 am, visitors to Bitsevsky Forest are welcome to attend a themed lesson 'Feathered Travellers' about migratory birds, their wintering, feeding and other specific features.

Attend Robin master class on 2 October at 04:00 pm to make woollen birds and learn interesting facts about robins.

On 4 October, at 11:00 am, Bitsevsky Forest will offer a themed class Cosy Fairy-Tales About Small Birds. Young Muscovites and their parents are invited to listen to fascinating fairy-tales, solve riddles, and get acquainted with a variety of birds and their habits.

On 5 October, tour participants will walk through the autumn forest, learn a lot about migratory birds and help to collect important information about forest park inhabitants. It starts at 01:00 pm.

On 6 October, at 11:00 am, Ecology Centre will offer to watch the birds within EuroBirdwatch. Before the beginning, the specialists of the Department of Natural Resources Management and Environmental Protection will tell how to watch the birds in the wild.

Zelenograd Administrative Area

Zelenograd residents are welcome to take part in the international registration of migratory birds on 5 October, at 10:00 am. Meeting at the Shkolnoye Lake. Register by calling +7 (499) 735-55-56.


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