Assemble lunar rover and motorbike: New Year workshops for Journey to Christmas guests

December 24, 2019

During the New Year holidays, 31 December till 5 January, more than a thousand space-related workshops will be held in Moscow centre. Journey to Christmas guests will try their hand in assembling spacecraft from construction blocks, learn how a satellite and telescope work, program a robot and much more.

Workshops offered at three venues will be free and will start every hour, no registration is required.

'Dreaming of Earth and Sky. 1920s–1930s'

12/1 Tverskaya Street will open a futuristic projection workshop. Here you can watch mechanics assembling an unusual motorbike, and join, if you wish.

Those interested in car tuning will get acquainted with airbrushing and pinstriping. These techniques can make even the most ordinary car or motorbike one-of-a-kind. Specialists will also demonstrate how to work with sheet metal parts you can make in the workshop. 

'Wish Spaceship' art object next to 15 Tverskaya Street will offer embossing master classes. Engrave your cherished wishes or messages on a metal plate and nail it to a vintage futuristic spaceship.

'Conquest. 1950s–1960s'

Children are welcome to 1 Tverskaya Street to build a spaceport of eco-friendly construction blocks. They are made of wood and have built-in magnets. Kids may also use it to construct space stations, rockets, artificial satellites and lunar rovers.

In the Christmas ornaments' workshop to open opposite 4 Tverskaya Street, young guests will make a mosaic panel (3m x 1.5m). Also, kids will make small mosaic paintings and original stained glass candlesticks, mint souvenir coins and watch how lampworking glass beads are created.

'Space Mission. 1970s and 1980s'

13 Mokhovaya Street welcomes children to assemble and program robots at a robotics workshop.

Children will learn about laser beam communication, get acquainted with the first and modern telescopes and satellites during interactive classes at the Planetarium, a site opened opposite 11/1 Mokhovaya Street. There will also be an interactive exhibit offering an outer space experience. Kids will repair a spaceship with special gloves on.  

Journey to Christmas is one of Moscow's brightest festivals. It will run until 12 January. The venues are to open daily, 11:00 am till 09:00 pm on weekdays, 10:00 am till 10:00 pm on weekends and holidays.

The festival will offer magic light installations, ice shows, theatrical performances and concerts, as well as crafts and sporting master classes. Last year, 18.6 million guests attended the festival.


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