Artificial intelligence helps doctors diagnose patients

November 18, 2020
Science and innovation

Moscow doctors issued more than 25,000 referrals using an AI-based tool, Deputy Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova reported.

“We are active in applying digital technology in the Moscow healthcare system. It saves doctors considerable time, which they can spend examining patients. This unique system that supports medical decision-making was introduced this past October in all city adult outpatient clinics. Currently, over 3,000 doctors are using the system. Doctors issued more than 25,000 referrals for diagnosis over a month using an artificial intelligence-based tool,” noted the Deputy Mayor.

Above all, the system helps make correct provisional diagnoses. The artificial intelligence module establishes the three most probable diagnoses based on a list of certain symptoms. The doctor may either choose one of them or give his/her own one. Outpatient clinics began using this module in early October and are fine tuning its use in real time. The neural network analysed the data of about 100,000 doctor’s visits, where patients got provisional diagnoses, over three weeks.

To confirm such a diagnosis, the doctor should use another tool  which suggests a “comprehensive prescription,” a full list of medical tests. The service lets doctors speed up the referral process.

The options offered by the system include mandatory ones, i.e. those contained in the list, and additional ones, i.e. those prescribed by the doctor based on his/her opinion in order to make a diagnosis (for example, another specialist consultation, laboratory or instrumental tests). Moreover, the system shows the doctor if the patient has had such a procedure recently. This approach helps to avoid overlooking even the slightest details of the clinical picture. That said, the doctor always makes the final decision.

Importantly, in addition to the referral the patient receives test preparation instructions, timing information and procedure details.

The digital support project for doctors was developed by the Moscow Department of Healthcare jointly with the Department of Information Technology, and has been implemented on the basis of the Integrated Medical Information and Analytical System (EMIAS) since late 2019. Underlying the system are clinical protocols prepared by Moscow specialists and federal experts on the basis of medical recommendations and international standards.


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