Art objects dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the first aid station set up in Moscow

October 5, 2019

Moscow has now three art objects dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Puchkov First Aid Station. You can view them until 1 November.

'We are glad to tell Moscow residents interesting facts about Moscow's first aid service in an unusual form. I hope that our art objects, perfectly fit into the urban space, will attract a large number of people. Perhaps, this information will be helpful to choose a career,' said Chief Physician of Puchkov First Aid Station Nikolai Plavunov.

Trubnaya Square has a red 3D number 100, almost 2.5 m high. It reads that 1,040 teams of Moscow First Aid station respond to 12,000 calls daily, and that it takes doctors about 12 minutes on average to get to a patient, and other information, too. The art object has built-in illumination to light it up in the dark.

There is also a mirror installation next to Lubyanka metro station, which also introduces citizens to some facts about ambulance. Read the information in running red LED lines.

The third art object is located on Novopushkinsky Square next to Tverskaya metro station. It is a two-layer logo made of the number 100, with benches set in its two 'zeros'. You may sit down and make a great selfie.

In the evening, the installation has beautiful illumination.

Visit a photo exhibition to be running on Chistoprudny, Tverskoi and Gogolevsky boulevards until 30 October to learn about Moscow doctors' job from 1919 through 2019.

Late in September, Sokolniki hosted the Saving Lives for 100 Years festival dedicated to the anniversary of the Moscow First Aid station. There were 12 sites organised in the Park to tell about what doctors and paramedics do and how Moscow's emergency medical service came to be and evolved. The event has been attended by some 60,000 people.

Puchkov First Aid Station is the largest medical organisation in Europe that has been providing emergency medical care for 100 years. It had its first call on 15 October 1919.

To date, it employs over 11,000 people, with 60 substations throughout the city and more than a thousand teams on duty 24/7.


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