Around and about the Kremlin: a new route on Russpass

September 22
Tourism and travels

The Russpass digital travel service has added a new Moscow route for tourists called “Around and about the Kremlin”. It starts in and goes through the historical part of the city where its borders were in the Middle Ages. The walk will give you an opportunity to see how the city has changed over several centuries.

The route includes eight points of interest. It starts from the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall which was designed by architects Augustin de Betancourt and Joseph Bové in the 19th century. The tourists walk to the Museum of Moscow Archeology. An underground pavilion located at depth of seven meters is house for unique exhibits and ancient treasures found in Moscow during excavations, such as household items of ancient Moscow inhabitants.

To find out how the city looked like in the 16thand17th centuries, one would turn to Varvarka street. That is where the chambers of the Romanov boyars were erected, and where the first tsar of this dynasty, Mikhail Fedorovich, was born. The chambers houses now the only museum in Russia telling about the patriarchal life of the Moscow boyars.

Next, the Russpass users are invited to go through the historical area of Kitay-Gorod and see a fragment of the fortress wall of the 16th century, which protected the city. Nowadays, a recently created Zaryadye park is behind the historical stone building. You can have a walk through the park and find out what was here several centuries ago.

The route finishes near the walls of the Moscow Kremlin, in the Alexander Garden, where there are monuments installed in different periods.

In addition to the mentioned sites, during the walk you will see the State Department Store (GUM), the Pokrovsky Cathedral on the Red Square and the State Historical Museum.

The route description indicates an approximate duration of the walk, while anyone can customize the number and sequence of sites seeing on his/her own, depending on his/her interests.

The Russpass digital travel service helps plan a trip around Russia quickly and easily. Using it, one can buy railway and air tickets, book a restaurant and much more. In a couple of clicks the service will provide you with a customized itinerary along the selected places of interest or a ready-made offer.

Today, more than three thousand tourist offers are available on Russpass for all Russia’s regions.

The service was developed on the initiative of the Moscow Government. The implementation of the project is supervised by the Moscow City Tourism Committee together with the City Department of Information Technologies.


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