Another 334 Wi-Fi hotspots are launched in the city

May 20

Since the beginning of the year, 334 more Wi-Fi hotspots have appeared on the Moscow streets. The Wi-Fi network was deployed on the streets of Meshchansky, Presnensky, Donskoy and Danilovsky districts. In addition, the coverage area of the city's Wi-Fi network was expanded on the streets adjacent to the Moscow Zoo, on Pushkin Square, Strastny, Petrovsky and Rozhdestvensky Boulevards.

"Now on the Moscow streets within the Garden and the Third Transport Ring, there are more than 3.7 thousand Wi-Fi hotspots. Every month, about 14 million people connect to street hotspots in the city," Alexander Kharitonov, Head of the Citywide Wi-Fi Project at the Moscow Department of Information Technologies, said.

In total, there are more than 20.2 thousand Wi-Fi hotspots of the city's network. In addition to the streets, free wireless Internet is available in parks, student dormitories, cultural and sports institutions. You can find out if there is a Wi-Fi network in a specific location on a special interactive map of the portal

To connect to the city’s Wi-Fi, you need to select Moscow_WiFi_Free from the list of available networks, then go through identification in the browser using your account on or the phone number to which you will receive an SMS message with the code. Next, click Internet login button.

An interconnected Wi-Fi space allows you to use the wireless Internet moving around the city. At the same time, you do not need re-authorization. However, once every three months, in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation, users must re-identify themselves. To learn more about city’s Wi-Fi or make suggestions for improving its operation, please call the centralized technical support service: +7 (800) 300-69-89.


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