Ancient gods and animals: 50 marble sculptures of Kuskovo Museum Estate to be restored

May 21
Economy and entrepreneurship

A restorer for ancient sculptures of Kuskovo Museum Estate will be selected at an electronic auction with qualified participation, as Head of the Moscow Department for Competition Policy Gennady Dyogtev explained.

"The contractor will be entrusted with a cultural heritage site, so non-monetary criteria will be the most relevant, namely qualification, experience in similar projects, availability of necessary technical equipment. Restoration companies actively compete in such contests," he added.

The winner is to restore 50 sculptures and busts of the late 17th — early 18th century in the Park Avenue. White-marble compositions depict gods, heroes and mythical animals with most of them brought from Italy.

Count Pyotr Sheremetev was the first to start collecting sculptures in the 1730-1740's, and his descendants carried on that tradition. One of the collection jewels is a statue of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, installed in the estate in memory of the Catherine the Great's visit.

As part of the auction, work to create replicas of two Sitting Lion sculptures, now standing in the Park's Main Alley, is also planned. Their replicas will be installed in the Park with restored originals exhibited in the American Greenhouse.

In addition, the contractor is to perform maintenance work and conduct sculptures study.

Gennady Dyogtev added that Moscow has an extensive expertise in arranging this sort of auctions: "In 2018, 68 contests for the right to restore cultural heritage sites and items from the Museums' holdings were held in Moscow".

Restorers' applications are accepted until 3 June. Learn more about the competition on the suppliers' portal.


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