Along the river and across the forest reservation. Where to admire nature in Moscow

June 10
Parks and pedestrian areas

In summer, you don’t need to leave the capital to stay at one with nature. There is a lot of designated natural areas in Moscow with unique views, rare plants and animals. Ecological routes have been laid through the most beautiful places in the natural areas starting from 2005. On the World Environment Day, we would like to say what nature trails are worth taking a walk this summer.

Sit under age-long pine trees in the Serebriany Bor (Silver Pinewood)

The route starting point: 35, building 2, Tamanskaya street

Route length: 1.2 — 5.5 km

Nature trail in the Serebriany Bor with secular pine trees passes by Bezdonnoye lake, Kopan pond, and the largest in Moscow reed swamp. One can see fish, frogs and birds from the viewing decks. Sometimes a rare type of duck, tufted duck, can be found here. It is better to admire the beauty of the Serebriany Bor from the bird-watching tower. It is located right on the nature trail “At Bezdonnoye lake” (between the lake and Kopan pond). Everyone interested can climb it. If you are lucky, you can also see the largest woodpecker in Russia — black woodpecker.

There is also an extended route 5.5 km long with fascinating views. The path starts at Bezdonoye lake and goes through the entire Serebriany Bor, across the forest reservation, pine groves and forest edges right to the opposite side of the Moskva river. One can see Troitse-Lykovo manor house and baroque-style Holy Trinity Cathedral from here. Pines, alder trees, larches, willows, birches and oaks grow along the trail. By the way, there are playgrounds for children here too.

Watch animals in Bitsevsky Forest Park

The route starting point: 1 , building 2, Novoyasenevsky tupik

Route length: 2.4 km

The route goes through the foliated, birch, and coniferous wood. During the walk one can see the watershed of two rivers, a spring, and a pond dug in 1968. There are special open-air enclosures with animals and a pharmaceutical garden at the beginning of the trail. By the way, the park is inhabited by over 100 species of animals and birds and about 600 plant species grow here. There are special stands along the entire length of the trail that provide more details about forest dwellers.

Another trail, short but picturesque, (600 meters long) goes along the left bank of the Bitsa river. The route passes by a marshy bottom land and a swamp, as well as through the area of nature sanctuary “Old Spruce Grove in Znamenskoye-Sadki” that is over 100 years old.

Listen to bird songs at Kuzmenki-Lyublino park

The route starting point: 168, building 7, Volgogradsky avenue

Route length: 3.1 kilometers

This trail will suite those who want to feel at one with nature and listen to chant of birds. The route runs in the remote part of the parkland. Black-alder, Manchurian walnut, birch, pine, and rowan tress grow around. If you are lucky, you might see a hedgehog, a fox, or even a weasel. While walking, one can have a rest in gazebos and on benches, and there is a playground for children with the life-size sculptures of birds and animals.

Meet a squirrel, stout, weasel in Tyoply Stan wildlife preserve

The route starting point: Academic Bakulev street, opposite of house No. 2

Route length: 4.2 kilometers

This nature tourist trail consists of 11 sections. During the walk one can have a look at natural terrain with ravines and gullies, as well as a dry meadow. The Ochakovka River has its origin in this preserve area, and the Kholodny spring spouts at the source of Kukrinsky brook.

Information stands has details about flora and fauna of this natural area. Those who love quiet and peaceful walks can meet a squirrel, stout, weasel, hedgehog, as well as spotted woodpecker and other birds.

Relax at the lake in Tushinsky Park

The route starting point: 14, Vilis Latsis street (next to the playground)

Route length: 2.3 kilometers

A walk in Aleshkinsky forest takes place in the wooded area with secular trees. One can meet a grosbeak, hedgehog, and brown hare in the park, and relax at Vesenneye Lake. Young city residents will enjoy the playground. By the way, this route is also suitable for visitors with limited mobility, as the park has a flat terrain comfortable to walk in any weather conditions.


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