Almost half a million tests made at CT centers from the beginning of the pandemic

February 19

Almost half a million tests have been made at CT centers of the capital city from the beginning of the pandemic. 33 ambulatory CT centers based in municipal polyclinics continue to operate in the city. They run a complex high-accurate examination of patients suspected of the coronavirus infection and having a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis.

In addition to computer tomography, the centers take blood samples, samples for coronavirus tests and run electrocardiogram. On completion of the required procedures, specialists make a diagnosis and take a decision on hospital admission or define an ambulatory (home) treatment strategy. Those who are to take treatment at home receive the required medications free of charge.

Operation of ambulatory CT centers is integrated into the unified digital platform of the Moscow healthcare system. Test results are processed using artificial intelligence technologies. These virtually preclude the possibility of missing any pathology. Besides, such technologies provide for faster diagnostics of the pneumonia development stage according to CT images of the lungs.

CT centers were deployed based on the recommendation of the Clinical Committee. These operate in the premises of polyclinics that have computer tomography rooms. The round-the-clock ambulatory CT centers operating in Moscow fully supply the need in high-accuracy instrumental examination of patients.

For all information on coronavirus prevention and decease management methods, refer for the special project


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