All Moscow Bus Stations and Terminals Connected to Free Wi-Fi

November 9

All bus stations and terminals of Moscow are now connected to free Wi-Fi. One may use it in international bus stations Salaryevo, South Gate and North Gate, and in bus terminals Varshavskaya and Orekhovo. As much as 48 hot spots were installed there.

“The high level of service in Moscow bus stations is one of the challenges of the city transport complex. Today, free Wi-Fi is available in metro, ground transport and in trains of the Moscow Central Circle and Moscow Central Diameters. Bus stations became one more transport facility where this popular and familiar service appeared,” said Deputy Moscow Mayor for Transport Maksim Liksutov.

The Central Bus Station was the last one to be connected to the wireless Internet service. This is the largest bus station in Europe with up to 2.5 thousand passengers daily capacity. 40 thousand people use city bus stations and terminals every day.

Moscow is expanding its Wi-Fi network, for residents to stay connected practically in any part of the city, said Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Information Technology Department Eduard Lysenko. According to him, the Moscow Wi-Fi network is the largest one in Europe today: it unites over 21.5 thousand access points and is available for free to all Muscovites and city guests.

“We installed hot spots in all bus stations and terminals of the city. It means that thousands of passengers in these transport facilities receive required information at any moment and comfortably spend time while waiting for their run,” added Eduard Lysenko.

Free Internet access points are available in parks, in the streets within the Garden Ring and the Third Transport Ring, in student dormitories, children’s sports facilities, cultural institutions, including theatres and libraries, as well as in social institutions and free co-working facilities for entrepreneurs. About 1,700 hot spots were installed in Moscow from September 2020 to August 2021.

Find out about connecting to free Wi-Fi from a special interactive map of To use it, select Moscow_WiFi_Free from the list of available networks, then identify yourself in your browser using your account or SMS, and then click the “Log in to the Internet” button.

The single Wi-Fi space allows it to use wireless Internet while moving throughout the city without re-authorization. However, the legislation requires that users must undergo re-identification once every three months.


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