All included: saving time and money with car-share

February 14, 2018

Moscow is ranked first in Europe in the pace of development of by-the-minute car rental system. The car sharing programme was launched in September 2015. It included 100 cars operated by one company. Today the fleet totals more than 5,900 vehicles with 13 operators.  

The car share system has over 1 million registered users. Last year, vehicles were rented 5.6 million times. About 25,000 trips are made daily.

What drivers should know about car sharing  

Rental and parking is available within the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD), outside metro stations located beyond the MKAD and at some parking lots at airports. Information about parking spaces near airport terminals is available on the website and on the mobile app of each car-share operator.

It is recommendable that users register in the system and learn the location of parking spaces in advance as confirmation of the registration may take a few days. Before applying for registration, you should read the client age and driving experience requirements. Users also need to closely study the terms of the agreement (the document is signed online during the registration process) and the listed fines, including for damage to seats.

Generally, operators offer similar rental terms. On average, they charge eight roubles per minute while moving and two-three roubles per minute when not moving. The renter can use city car parks for free and doesn’t pay for petrol or insurance, but is liable for traffic violations. To refuel, a driver can either use a fuel card that is in the glove box or pay by cash. Cash is refundable through a mobile app by scanning the receipts.   

Available cars are nearly everywhere in Moscow but are especially numerous near popular locations like shopping malls, business centres, and metro and railway stations. Some companies offer electric cars and Smart cars. Vehicles of all types and models can be booked on the operators’ apps. The cars stand out from other cars their special graphics and the logo of the Moscow Car Sharing programme.  

Support of business

Moscow is ranked first in the world in growth dynamics for car sharing fleets. In 2017 alone, seven companies hit the market. The pace of development has a lot to do with the benefits the city offers operators. Last year, the companies became eligible for reimbursement of some lease-related expenses.

Programme participants are issued privileged parking permits – one permit per vehicle. To be eligible, vehicles have to meet certain technical requirements. They must be eco-friendly, support GPS-GLONASS systems, be insured, and bear a distinct graphics scheme and colours. Also, cars must be less than a year old at the time of permit issuance.

A taxi revival 

Reviving taxi service as an affordable and safe means of transport has been a key part of upgrading the Moscow transport system. Taxi companies can also receive city support in the form of lease subsidies. In addition, starting in 2015 the city has been supporting carrier companies that purchase vehicles on credit and young companies that have been on the market for not more than two years.

At present, the city has issued 46,800 passenger carrier licences. You can order a taxi from any point in the city. Average waiting time is 5-7 minutes, which is one of the best performances in any European, Asian or American capital. At this point 90 percent of taxicabs have been painted yellow. By 1 July, all the taxis licensed in Moscow will be yellow. Moscow taxis carry over 760,000 passengers daily.


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