All fountains in Moscow are ready for start of a season

April 22
Municipal services

All the capital's fountains are ready for start of a season, Pyotr Biryukov, Moscow Deputy Mayor for Housing and Utilities and Landscaping said.

 "The specialists of the municipal economy have completed large-scale work on preparation for capital's fountains opening a season which are rightfully one of the Moscow symbols. There are more than 600 fountains in the city today, including traditional, dry, floating, musical and dynamically lit fountains," he said.

After the depreservation, all the fountains were thoroughly washed with a special shampoo and several times with water, the nozzles were adjusted, the lighting lamps were checked, the bowls and parapets were repaired.

Preparation of fountains begins in winter with work in the supply manifolds.

Specialists check and repair pumping equipment, filters and other elements, install control panels for underwater lighting and manifold safety systems, perform a service maintenance of all utilities and diagnose the of hydraulics.

Traditionally, the fountain season in the capital begins at the end of April.


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