Alexander Rodchenko's works to be displayed at the Lumière Brothers Centre for Photography

January 23

The Lumière Brothers Centre for Photography opens the exhibition 'Alexander Rodchenko. From the Still Art Foundation Collection'. The exhibition highlights works by the Russian avant-garde artist of different years, from his first photography experiments of the 1920s to the works of the late 1930s.

The display features portraits of Alexander Rodchenko's friends —artists, architects, poets, writers, and film directors, photos of Lilya Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky, and the famous picture of Osip Brik, with ‘LEF magazine’ put instead of one of the glass lenses.

Besides, you will view portraits of Alexander Rodchenko's mother, his wife Varvara Stepanova and daughter Varvara Rodchenko, as well as architecture photos and photo reports ('Balconies' (1925), 'Fire Escape’ (1925), 'Stairway' (1929), 'Pioneer Trumpeter Boy' (1930) and 'Pioneer Girl' (1930)).

The exhibition will include 58 silver gelatine prints from two museum portfolio albums issued in 35 copies in 1994–1997. Their collection was supervised by Varvara Rodchenko, the photographer's grandson and co-curator of the exhibition Alexander Lavrentyev, and the gallery owner Howard Schickler. The images are printed from the original author's negatives.

The exhibition will run until 5 April.

Alexander Rodchenko is an innovator in painting, sculpture, book, poster, film and theatre design. He started working with photography in 1924. Osip Brik wrote that Rodchenko used to turn familiar things into 'seemingly never-before-seen structures’, change one’s habitual view of life, and boost the ability to 'see into things'.


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