Air curtain heater and climate control system: what else Ivolga MCD trains to offer

October 23, 2019

Ivolga trains, which are to run the first two Moscow Central Diameters (MCD), will have about 2,000 air curtain heaters mounted.

'It is very important that MCD passengers feel as comfortable as possible during the trip. In winter, new Ivolga trains will have air curtain heaters mounted in the doorways to prevent the inflow of cold air into the carriage. 39 trains in two versions — seven-carriage and six-carriage Ivolga trains  — will have about 2,000 air heaters,' said Head of MCD Directorate of the Department of Transport Andrei Akimov.

Besides, around 2,500 interior and exterior CCTV cameras will be mounted to monitor passengers' safety. They will help the driver to control the boarding and monitor the train's condition.

The driver's condition will be monitored with the help of a smart electronic bracelet, that works as a fitness tracker: this wrist-worn device will read the driver’s biological parameters. If a driver starts to fall asleep or gets sick, the system will give a warning beep, with an indicator lighting up on the control panel.

Ivolga is a new urban train with almost all components made in Russia. The maximum capacity of a seven-carriage train exceeds 2,000 people.

Carriages boast comfortable seats and handrails, wide aisles and non-vestibuled cabins, bicycle and stroller racks, climate control system, modern WCs, free Wi-Fi and USB sockets. 39 trains are able to charge around 12,000 gadgets at the same time.

Right after the MCD launch, Ivolga trains are to carry half of the passengers. They will be running along with regular electric trains. Thanks to this, the headway during rush hours will make up 5-6 min. Moscow has already procured 24 six-carriage Ivolga trains, with another 15 seven-carriage trains coming soon.

MCD-1 Odintsovo — Lobnya and MCD-2 Nakhabino — Podolsk are expected to launch by the end of this year.

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