AI helps to accelerate response speed of ambulance calls

October 26

The Puchkov Emergency Medical Care Station has received a patent for an artificial intelligence system for emergency medical assistance, which includes special algorithms for analysing medical emergency calls.


The dispatchers who answer the calls at Moscow’s emergency assistance centre ask relevant questions and enter the details into the system. After that, the answers are fed into a special information system for online AI-based analysis to determine the level of emergency. The system also includes centralised management of ambulance and medical emergency teams.

The Puchkov Emergency Medical Care Station is Moscow’s largest medical establishment with 60 substations and 107 posts, 20 of which are located on major motorways, 10 on MKAD (Moscow Ring Road) and 77 at hospitals and outpatient clinics. The station has a staff of 2,500 doctors and 8,400 paramedics.


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