Across lakes and cascade of ponds: Eight best routes for jogging in autumn

September 26
Parks and pedestrian areas

Mospriroda has compiled a selection of eight routes for sports jogging. The routes run through Moscow natural areas, and along the way you can see small animals and birds, as well as the flowers, trees and shrubs that grow in Moscow parks.

Serebryany Bor: Near Lake Bezdonnoye eco-trail

The route passes by large reed marshes. On Lake Bezdonnoye, you can see mallards, tufted ducks, moorhens, and lake and river terns. If you stop by Kopan Pond, you can watch the life of frogs and marsh turtles. Along the jogging path, there are yellow irises, orchis and bellflowers.

Tsaritsyno: Valley of the Yazvenka River route

The route in the Tsaritsyno Open-Air Museum is intended for experienced athletes. It runs along steep hills and inclines. Also, this path is suitable for cyclists who like to ride on rough terrain.

Zelenograd: Green routes

In 40th Anniversary of Victory Park (Sorokoletiya Pobedy Park) in Zelenograd, there is a running track with a special coating. The route passes by the Bolshoi City Pond with three fountains. There are many birds in the reservoir, and on the bank there are promenades with benches and sun loungers for relaxation. The track is 1.7 kilometres long.

The second route, 700 metres long, runs through a picturesque arboretum. During their run, athletes will be able to see many trees and bushes, including ones that do not usually grow in Zelenograd.

Bitsevsky Forest Park: Across the Chertanovka River floodplain

The Parkrun Bitsa route passes through a dry meadow, the floodplain of the Chertanovka River and through a thicket of dense forest. The route is flat, with small hilly sections.

Another route – Bitsevskaya Straight – starts from a dirt track, and then turns into an asphalt one, passing through the forest.

Kuzminki-Lyublino Park: Jogging by ponds

The route runs along the alleys of the park, past the Peter’s oak. Athletes can see turtles and listen to birdsong.

Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo Park: Jogging by a cascade of ponds

Jogging tracks in the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo Park run along a cascade of ponds on the Chernushka River, among centuries-old pines.


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