According to Petr Ushakov’s project: the house in Pozharsky lane will be restored

March 17
Construction and renovation

The historical building in the center of Moscow built in 1908 according to Petr Ushakov’s project will be restored. It refers to identified cultural heritage sites and is located at: 9 Pozharsky Lane. The Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow has issued the work permit.

“The house in Pozharsky Lane should be in order by December 1, 2021. Under the restoration, large-scale works on the monument facade are planned including all decorative elements. In addition, specialists will pay attention to repairs of the sewer, doors, roof and utility systems. All future works have been approved by experts during the restoration project approval. It will pass under the supervision of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow,” - Alexei Yemelyanov, the head of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow commented.

On facades, specialist will repair and restore keystones above windows, the frieze with images of Griffins, stucco medallions with lion masks, double pilasters, ledges, two-column porticos of entrance, as well as balcony metallic enclosures. The plaster, the base and the pavement will be put in order. All surfaces will be treated with protective compounds.

In addition, the project includes repair and replacement of engineering networks and equipment, sewerage, gas and water supply.

The house in Pozharsky Lane is a part of the regional program, under which the city is subsidizing and co-financing restoration works on apartment buildings - cultural heritage sites. It is necessary for residents of listed buildings since under the law, communal property maintenance and repair costs are borne by owners of apartments, and the cultural heritage site overhaul is more expensive than for an ordinary house.


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