Access to electronic medical records for Muscovites has been simplified — Sergei Sobyanin

April 26
Social sector

Starting from today, access to an electronic medical record is automatically provided to everyone who has a completed profile at Sergei Sobyanin wrote about this in his blog. Previously, in order to use an electronic medical record, one had to go through an authorization procedure, which took up to several days. This was a simple, but a time-taking procedure.

“This decision involves 2.9 million people who have verified themselves on and, accordingly, have benefited from the security of their personal data. In order to use an electronic medical record, now one just needs to choose this service on the portal. Concerning a child's electronic record, one need to add information about the children to one’s (unless it hasn't been stated),” said the Moscow Mayor.

Full access to all services on is available online with a verified personal account on the portal. In this case, when entering your personal account, click on the «Госуслуги» (Public services) button. Another way is to come to any center of public services «Мои документы» (My Documents), present your passport there and fill out an application form indicating the SNILS number.

Over the past year, 2.3 million Muscovites have registered their electronic medical records on the portal. And thanks to today's decision, a total of 5.2 million people will have access to it, which is more than 40 percent of Moscow dwellers.

“Free access to the electronic medical record allows you to keep your health under control, save your time and, if necessary, get a second opinion from our selected doctors. Medical documents are always at hand. One can view the reports of doctors' examinations, results of laboratory tests and investigations, clinical reports from hospital, sick leave certificates, electronic prescriptions, data on vaccinations and ambulance calls,” added Sergei Sobyanin.

One may upload medical records from other clinics to the electronic medical record, collect information about personal and family anamnesis and keep a health diary. This is not only a convenient online service, but also a tool that allows you to stay healthy.


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