A walk around the Golden Island: new route on Ruspass

April 11
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The digital travel service Russpass offers a route to the sights of the Golden Island, a special place in Moscow’s center. During the “Island Life” tour, users will learn about the house of Pertsova and the House on the embankment, as well as enjoy the Zaryadye Park.

The route starts at the Prechistenskaya Embankment, where one can see the Moskva sandspit and the Vodootvodny (“water bypass”) Canal. The house of Pertsova is located here as well. It is built in the neo-Russian style and resembles somewhat of a fairy-tale terem (“tower-chamber”). A video posted on the webservice will also help you learn information about this building.

After crossing the Patriarshy Bridge one can see the legendary House on the embankment. Famous politicians, economists and artists lived here. There is a museum of the same name in the building dedicated to the fate of its inhabitants and history of the building. While on the route one will learn that the Golden Island was formed after construction of the Vodootvodny Canal, and then walk along the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge to the Zaryadye Park. The users are invited to spend time there and admire the Moskva River and a part of the Golden Island from the river overlook.

In order to make the walk more comfortable, the route authors included a gastro market at Balchug Street and a restaurant in the Zaryadye Park into it. When planning their walk, the Ruspass users can add other points of attraction themselves. The digital service will tell you about interesting places nearby.

Photo by Maxim Denisov, Mos.ru

Russpass is a digital travel service that helps plan individual travel itineraries across Russia. Here one can buy aircraft and rail tickets, book various excursions to museums and theaters, as well as learn about nice places to visit and helpful services. More than 1,500 travel options are available here including tours and exclusive travel itineraries.

The service was initiated by the Moscow Government. The implementation of the project is supervised by the Moscow City Tourism Committee together with the Department of Information Technologies of the Moscow City.

Source: mos.ru

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