A self-driving car based on a domestic car started operation at the City Clinical Hospital No.1 named after N.I. Pirogov

April 15

The first self-driving car based on the domestic station wagon started operation at the City Clinical Hospital No. 1  named after N.I. Pirogov (the First City Hospital). The new self-driving car delivers patient analyses between hospital buildings.

Since September last year, a foreign-made car has been running in the hospital territory. Now it has been replaced by domestic development.

The scientists from the MosTransProekt Research Institute worked on the car. Together with colleagues from MADI, they equipped the car with unmanned technologies. The car has already passed certification at the NAMI Institute, and all the necessary notes in its documents were made for the launch. However, according to the law, a pilot-operator shall be in the driver’s seat monitoring traffic safety.

"We are glad that today we managed to launch a self-driving car based on a domestic car. This is the first car of this type that performs social functions, helping medical personnel," Alexander Polyakov, director of MosTransProekt, said.

Since 2019, a pilot testing program for innovative solutions has been implemented in Moscow. Scientific developments are tested on urban and commercial sites. More than 50 technology-driven projects have been successfully tested since the launch of the program, and about 30 more are being tested. Today, developers have access to more than 100 sites for testing their solutions: in the fields of information technology, education, medicine, construction, industry etc.

Source: mos.ru

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