A natural trail and professions of the future: improvements to appear in the Yauza park

March 25
Parks and pedestrian areas

Improvement of parks, public gardens, streets and squares suspended due to the pandemic is planned to be resumed this spring. Sergei Sobyanin wrote about this in his blog. The continuation of improving the Yauza Park in the north-east of Moscow is among the major projects.

Two territories in the floodplain of the Chermyanka River, a tributary of the Yauza, are planned to be put in order this year. The improvement area will cover 49.1 hectares. The first section runs from Mussorgskogo Street to Dezhneva Passage. The banks here are overgrown with grass, which makes it rather difficult to approach the water. A new sports area with a hockey rink, streetball court, tennis courts, a skate park, and exercise equipment will become the center of attraction for this part of the park. Creating playgrounds is also in the plan.

“We will reconstruct the Otrada stadium that does not look very nice now. We will replace the abandoned pitch with a new heated football field so that people could play in winter. A new indoor ice complex of light non-capital structures has already replaced the old hockey rink,” the Moscow Mayor said.

In addition, an open area for social events is now under reconstruction. It will turn into a large stage with a canopy. and a room for performers and comfortable benches for spectators will be provided. A projection tower will also be installed so that people could watch movies.

The improvement project includes putting in order walking and bicycle paths, installing pavilions for cafes and toilets, planting trees and shrubs, and laying out flower beds. “A meadow lawn will be sown along the bank of Chermyanka, and we will make decks and observation platforms for a convenient approach to water. Nesting boxes for titmice, goldeneyes, and starlings and bird feeders will appear in the park,” added Sergei Sobyanin.

The second site to be landscaped is located along Yurlovsky passage: from Dezhneva passage to Molodtsova street. An environmental education center is in the center of the project here. It will be the first interactive platform dedicated to study of the professions of the future in the field of environment protection.

A natural trail on piles will be another highlight of the park. It is planned to be laid along both banks of the Chermyanka and connected in several places with the river crossings. This unusual trail will become a short and convenient path between Otradny and Yuzhny Medvedkov residential areas. There will be recreation areas on the natural trail to practice yoga and meditation and hold various performances.

“We will arrange a ground for bike trials and sports zones with various exercise equipment. The latter are planned to be accessible for disabled people,” said the Mayor of Moscow. “We will put in order the existing playground and additionally create three new play areas where babies and children can spend time with interest and benefit”.

As a result, residents of Otradny and Yuzhny Medvedkov will receive a high-quality public area by the water. The improvement of the Yauza floodplain will continue in 2022 and 2023. 16 km long uninterrupted green zone will appear there in future — from the Moscow Ring Road to the Rostokinsky aqueduct, with exits to the Losiny Ostrov park and the VDNKh.

Five sites of the future park with a total area of ​​135 hectares have already been put in order from 2016 to 2020. They are located along Lazorevoy and Chukotsky passages, on the territory of the Botanical Garden and along Zapovednaya Street.

Source: mos.ru

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