9 polyclinics received grants for disease prevention

June 7

Polyclinics, out-patient departments of hospitals and a diagnostic clinical (advisory) centre of the Moscow Healthcare Department received grants for preventive activity excellence.

At the end of 2018, grants totalling RUB 39 million were awarded to children's and adult medical institutions in the categories:

— Best Healthcare School;

— Best Medical Prevention Department;

— Greatest Screening Coverage;

— Largest Increase in the Number of Patients Screened in One Year;

— Children's Polyclinic with the Best Medical Care Provision in the Educational Institution.

"9 medical institutions, which have demonstrated excellence in preventive activity, received grants totalling RUB 39 million, with Children's Polyclinic No.105 recognized in two categories at once. The money will be used as financial incentives for employees," explained Alexei Khripun, Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Healthcare Department.

The Yudin City Clinical Hospital, Polyclinic No. 209, City Clinical Hospital No. 17 and Voronovskaya Hospital have been recognized in the categories Greatest Screening Coverage and Largest Increase in the Number of Patients Screened in One Year.

These medical institutions have been awarded grants of RUB 5 million each. When assessing performance, not only the number of patients screened mattered, but also the achievements in early detection of chronic noncommunicable diseases, including diabetes and circulatory diseases.

Another important criterion was timely additional instrumental and laboratory diagnostics. These are, for example, endoscopic examinations and blood tests on various parameters.

City Children's Polyclinic No. 105, Adult Polyclinic No. 220, Diagnostic Clinical (Advisory) Centre No. 1 and Advisory and Diagnostic Centre No. 121 have been recognized the best healthcare schools and medical prevention departments. These medical institutions received RUB 5 million. They effectively advised on prevention of various diseases. In addition, the availability of information for patients about a healthy lifestyle, such as brochures, posters, leaflets, as well as screens with videos broadcasted, was also taken into account.

Grants for the best arrangement of medical care at schools and kindergartens were awarded to Children's Polyclinic No. 105 and the Moskovsky Settlement’s Hospital. Each of them received RUB 2.5 million. Paramedical personnel of these facilities conducted timely preventive examinations of children and, according to national and regional immunisation schedules, vaccinated them against measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus and polio. Annually, children are vaccinated against influenza, have their Mantoux test done at schools and kindergartens.

Hospitals and polyclinics that received grants for disease prevention:

— City Polyclinic No. 220;

— Diagnostic Clinical (Advisory) Centre No. 1;

— Advisory and Diagnostic Clinic No. 121;

— Yudin City Clinical Hospital;

— City Polyclinic No. 209;

— Children's City Polyclinic No. 105;

— City Clinical Hospital No. 17;

— Voronovskaya Hospital;

— Moskovsky Settlement Hospital.

For the high quality of patient care, organisations are paid grants as incentives for medical personnel. So, polyclinics, polyclinic departments of hospitals and diagnostic centres of the Moscow Healthcare Department have recently received grants of RUB 42.6 million for participation in the 'Early Diagnosis. Defeat Cancer' city program. 23 medical institutions received payments.

The decision to provide grants to medical organisations for the most efficient preventive activity was made by the Moscow Government in 2017.

Annually, three mega-grants accounting for RUB 100 million are awarded in Moscow. They are allocated to the best Moscow hospitals that use advanced medical care technology.

Grants are also awarded for professional achievements. For example, specialists awarded the 'Moscow Doctor' status are to receive extra RUB 15,000 monthly. This honorary status is valid for five years.

Doctors who take part in various programs of the Moscow Healthcare Department receive monthly allowances to the salary. For example, general practitioners, therapists and paramedical personnel who treat patients with three or more chronic diseases receive incentive payments, RUB 20,000 for doctors and RUB 10,000 for paramedical personnel.

Moscow healthcare system places special focus on prevention and timely diagnosis of diseases. The Healthcare Department holds open days 'Come In, It's Open!' for citizens to attend educational events and have free screenings in different medical areas. Check for the schedule of open days in a special calendar.

Free schools for patients are already successfully operating in a number of Moscow hospitals. Hospital No.13 hosts courses for patients with osteoporosis, and the First City Hospital holds classes for people to have a knee or hip joint replacement surgery, and there is also a school of coping with chronic pain.

At the courses, patients who have already been diagnosed are told about medications to take for treatment, about proper diet and necessary physical exercise, as well as how to avoid complications. City Clinical Hospital No.51 houses Women's Health School. At monthly free lectures, its students learn about the methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of common gynaecological diseases.

Source: mos.ru

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