4 May is the last day to extend worker's digital permit

May 4

Digital permits have been automatically extended until 4 May. If you plan to use you worker's digital permit beyond that date, you must extend it. Otherwise, you will have to apply for a new one on 5 May. Please remember that the new permit should be obtained at least five hours before the planned trip. Both existing and new permits will be valid up to and including 11 May.

To travel in Moscow with a work ID, including with the use of the alphanumeric code, you do not need to provide any additional information or alter the previously submitted details, unless they have changed and need to be updated.

Temporary restrictions in Moscow have been extended until 11 May. The changes also apply to owners of private vehicles with foreign number plates; to travel around Moscow, you will need to submit your full name, date and place of birth, registration address in Russia, your phone number (of a mobile service provider that operates within the Russian Federation), and e-mail address. Legal entities that own a vehicle need to submit their company name, legal address, and taxpayer identification number or its equivalent.      

In addition, you must provide the series and number of the vehicle registration document, upload photos of the front and back of the registration document, as well as a photo of your driving licence.

Owners of vehicles registered in another country, who received a digital permit before 30 April and want to extend it, need to provide additional information on the Moscow Mayor's official website (if they are registered there) on 4 May.

The procedure for obtaining one-time digital permits remains the same. They can be obtained twice a week. A one-time trip permit for visiting a healthcare facility or a volunteer activity is valid for one calendar day and an unlimited number of permits can be obtained per week.

It is currently not permitted to travel around Moscow using private or company vehicles that are not included in the registry; in case of violations, the owners of such vehicles will be held administratively liable. You can check the vehicle registration online.

Starting 15 April, a digital permit is required to travel in Moscow and the Moscow Region using public transport or a private vehicle. The permit is a special alphanumeric code issued free of charge. There are three ways to obtain a digital permit: by online application, by sending a text message, or by phone. To apply for a digital permit online on mos.ru, you should sign in, choose the required service, fill in all the necessary information, and submit the application.

If you do not have access to mos.ru, you can apply for a digital permit by sending a text message to short code 7377 or calling the Moscow Government's unified information service at +7 (495) 777 77 77. The digital permit should be saved by taking a screenshot, receiving it via e-mail, printing it out, or writing the code down. You should also have your personal ID document with you.

To verify and attach your Troika travelcard to your digital permit, use the corresponding service on the Moscow transport website. To check whether your vehicle is allowed to travel in Moscow and the Moscow Region, the number of your vehicle needs to be entered in a special e-form.

Source: mos.ru

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