24 sessions and more than 80 speakers: business program of the City: Details exhibition

June 26
Municipal services

The international exhibition "City: Details" is held online for the first time this year . From June 26 to July 4 on its official website everyone will be able to take a virtual walk around the exhibition space, inspect the presented projects (this year there are more than 500 of them) and choose the best ones.

A business program is also scheduled. Within six days - from June 26 to July 1 - discussions and speakings of Russian and foreign architects, landscape designers, designers, developers - more than 80 speakers in total are scheduled. Experts will discuss and introduce local development projects - what changes the urban environment in the districts.

The business program is prepared in such a way that participants will have time to discuss dozens of urban cases, share interesting studies and ideas. Each day is dedicated to a specific topic: identity and culture, services and technologies, space, sustainability, citizens engagement, the My District program.

The business program will be opened by the  Urban Dweller or Native. The Identity of the Districts and the Self-Perception of the Urban Dwellers panel discussion. The invited experts will talk about how to emphasize the uniqueness of the district, and also tell why it is so important.

During the Urban Dweller = Tourist.Local Tourism as a Driver of Identity topic discussion we will talk about how to increase the popularity of individual districts, how they can be of interest to urban dwellers, tourists and those who live there directly, and how to use this interest for the benefit of the district.

"During the lockdown last summer, we encountered such a phenomenon: the natives themselves turned into tourists. It was impossible to travel to other countries and cities, so people went out for walks in their own area. Then the question arose, how to make it really exciting. Many people think about audio guides and excursions in general only when they go on vacation. At the same time, modern technologies allow you to turn any walk into a memorable trip around your hometown," Yegor Yakovlev, co-founder and director of development of the tourist audio guide, said.

The theme of the program second is Technologies and Services. It will begin with the Netflix vs. Cinema.How the Consumption Patterns of Local Services Have Changed During the Pandemic discussion.  Other events include a video podcast with a discussion of technological solutions and services for residents of the district. The conversation will also focus on games as a tool for interacting with urban dwellers. The session will be attended by James Delaney, chairman of a company that actively uses a popular online game as a way to involve children in creating cases for urban development. The day will end with presentations of ideas and projects of the districts of the future, which will be held by leading Russian and international architects, entrepreneurs, historians.

On the last day of the business program, the participants will touch on some topics, including issues that will interest pet owners. How to make the area friendly for pets? What infrastructure is required for this? At the exhibition itself, a special zone is devoted to this topic. Manufacturers will present equipment for training and walking dogs, as well as animalistic art objects. Visiting the exhibition will be a walk through a large virtual park. The digital exhibition space has been developed using game software. All exhibits are 3D models with a 360-degree view and the ability to view details.

My District is a comprehensive program of Moscow Mayor on improving the urban milieu. Its goal is to create comfortable living conditions in all districts of the capital. A convenient courtyard, modern polyclinics, schools and cultural centers, equipped parks and festival grounds within walking distance - all these are important components of the program.

Source: mos.ru

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